Video Walls: More Than Visual Appeal

If you’re looking for a way to “wow” your audience with digital messaging, video walls are your answer.

A video wall is a group of digital screens that make up a single display. Applicable across a variety of industries and use cases, video walls are usually seen in lobbies and common areas to help companies attract attention, boost morale or sales, and display images and videos with flexibility.

Video walls continue to get bigger – and better – with the rise of technology and resources in recent years. There’s even a trend towards larger video wall configurations, like the 3×3 option, to provide more room to promote content.

To help you decide if a video wall is right for you, take a look at why many businesses integrate this technology, and how your company can benefit from it, too.

Attracts attention

Video walls elevate the way visitors and employees view your business.

The reason why many industries use video walls – including hotels, casinos, conference centers, universities, hospitals, and corporate offices – is because it offers more. This means more:

  • Messages and larger text
  • Room for graphics, images or videos
  • Area used to cover a wall
  • Configuration options and offerings
  • Personality and energy
  • Ability to convey emotion
  • Revenue generation from advertisements

In this case, “more” is a good thing, since your audience will likely want to learn more about what you’ve promoted, whether it’s onsite amenities, sales, news, or a real-time feed.

Boost morale and sales

Most leaders understand the importance of marketing their company’s brand, products or services to the public, but it’s also essential to promote that image within their own establishment and workplace, whether that’s visitors, vendors, customers or employees.

Think of a video wall as a visual canvas for high-impact messaging – one that leaves an impression and influences the way your target audience interacts with your business. This kind of engagement not only leads to greater morale, but increased sales or productivity in the long run.

The hospitality industry is a great example of this. Many hotels leverage video walls as part of an overall conference package, allowing companies to rent out the space to other vendors in order to gain profit. Similarly, large universities sell video wall space in student centers, sports arenas and common spaces for other interested businesses.

Video walls are also a great way to promote special offers and reminders to take action. Whatever your objective, the solution is tailored to fit your messaging needs.

Flexible configurations

Video walls offer a lot of flexibility, whether you’d like the screens to display one, large image or video, or you’d prefer to separate out the content across individual screens.

Depending on your space, you can customize the number of screens to display your content. Horizontal orientations are most popular, while vertical can be integrated, too.

Previously, 2×2 or 3×2 configurations were common across industries, and now 3×3 displays are gaining popularity because it gives you more real estate to promote your message. The audience is also more likely to read it, since it’s not only bigger, but usually displays more powerful content.

Regardless of the number of screens or content pieces you select, all digital video wall content is managed through a single software and server, and it’s more affordable than a larger custom screen.

If you’re unsure of the number of screens to use or the type of content to display, that’s where an experienced digital signage provider, like JANUS Displays, steps in to recommend solutions, content and locations for a video wall.

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