Use Digital Wayfinding to Create a Better Experience

No one likes being lost. That’s why digital wayfinding is one of the most valuable digital signage solutions across a variety of industries.

Wayfinding provides a reliable, intuitive and time-saving way for guests and visitors to navigate any property, regardless of its complexity and size. The system is also easy for staff members to manage and use.

So, how can it benefit your business? Read five reasons why digital wayfinding creates a better experience for all.

Reason #1: It’s easy to find your way.

The concept of digital wayfinding is simple: it gets people where they need to go with visual directions.

Digital signage providers, like JANUS Displays, customize wayfinding solutions for a variety of industries – including hotels and convention centers, hospitals, universities, casinos, and more. Any property can use the application to help guests navigate a single building with different areas or floors, as well as multiple buildings across a property.

Whatever your objective, JANUS Displays will customize a solution that fits your unique property, budget and customer needs.

Reason #2: It’s a self-service solution.

With digital wayfinding, printed property maps or directional signs are a thing of the past – the system can do that for you.

Wayfinding can be integrated with a static display to showcase property maps or an interactive display, helping visitors visually see how to get from point A to point B using a 3D map.

Whichever display option you choose, wayfinding operates 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Reason #3: It integrates with mobile technology.

When you work with JANUS Displays, wayfinding is integrated into your larger content strategy. Our digital signage software works with your event management system to display engaging maps, meeting information and amenities. Our designers also create content and templates that reflect your brand and business.

JANUS Displays offers two different options to download maps to your phone. We provide a unique QR code and an email option to send maps, allowing guests to access property maps on their mobile device – even after they’ve walked away from the display.

The application works seamlessly in the background so your staff can be freed up to assist others while guests take navigation into their own hands.

Reason #4: It serves up valuable data.

In addition to interactive maps, digital signage content can be customized with other applications like site directories, local news, weather, flight information, and more.

With this level of interaction, visitors and guests are in complete control of the information they access and consume, with limited involvement from your staff.

Reason #5: It boosts satisfaction.

In a world of self-service and customization, wayfinding plays to the wants and needs of your visitors. They’ll naturally become more engaged in the process, leading to loyal guests or customers. Your staff will also be satisfied by the time savings, since visitors can easily find the information they need on their own schedule.

Why use wayfinding

Digital wayfinding is a valuable piece of your content strategy. It helps your visitors and guests navigate the property and access relevant information, while saving your staff time and energy from manual updates to maps, directions and more. It’s a better experience for all.

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