Trend Alert: Larger Room Boards to Display Meetings and Events

Digital room boards are a no-brainer for any business.

And with technological advancements in the places we work, shop, stay and play, it’s also the answer to communicating key meeting information.

hotel room boards

How Room Boards Work

By syncing with your event management system (e.g., CI/TY, DELPHI, Opera, Envision, aso) with digital signage software, room boards pull in your business meeting and event listings for the day, week or month, and cut out the hassle of updating printed signs outside your conference rooms and spaces.

It optimizes bookings and alleviates time and energy for your staff, while making it simple for visitors and guests to find the information they need, whenever they need it.

It’s Customizable

Just like other digital signage displays, the content and enclosures for room boards are completely customizable to your needs. It all depends on your guidelines, preference and information you’d like to display for guests and visitors.

Traditionally, smaller, horizontal room boards were a top solution for hotels, convention centers, corporate offices and casinos – helping showcase meeting and event details (like time, date and place).

Now, there’s a trend to integrate larger, 22-inch vertical-mounted room boards into your business to maximize on readability, design and space and other useful information (like the time and weather).

Read on to see why.

large room boards

More Real Estate

In the world of digital signage, bigger is almost always better. That’s because the larger the screen is, the more space you have to display content.

With a vertical, 22-inch screen for room boards, you can show multiple events and meetings at one time because you aren’t limited on space. In addition, guests are engaged and kept up-to-date with other helpful information, including the weather, onsite amenities and restaurants, and more.

When you’re not hosting an event or meeting, you can also use 22-inch digital room boards to run display images or promote advertisements.

Easier to Read

With a 22-inch room board, you can use larger fonts and images in your design. This keeps visitors happy and informed because they can easily read the details and better engage with the content you display.

Enhanced Design

Our designers agree that a 22-inch vertically mounted screen doesn’t just read better – it looks better, too. The orientation and size make all the difference when you need to include several details without looking cluttered or messy.

Covers More Wall Space

The larger-sized display is especially valuable if you need to cover more wall space outside your conference rooms. You can even configure your screen to switch between helpful meeting information, advertisements and digital art, giving digital signage a dual purchase in conference areas.

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