Master digital signage with specialized training for your whole team.

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Training Benefits

JANUS Displays training helps you:

  • Understand your digital signage software and hardware
  • Teach unlimited users and administrators
  • Onboard new employees easily
  • Access online education at any time
  • Create engaging content using templates or custom slides
  • Evolve your digital signage strategy over time

Targeted Training

Depending on your preference and needs, we offer ongoing training that’s customized to fit your business, accessible to all users and system administrators, and easy to reproduce within your system.

healthcare center concierge board with events listed

Ongoing Support

As your business evolves and technology advances, you can access education on new features or get in touch with our training team to schedule an in-person session.

Custom Solutions

Whatever your objective, our team of professionals will customize education and training to fit your needs and communicate results to drive your business forward.

Master the art of digital signage

You have the power to promote engaging, targeted and timely content. Take time to transform your message into visual communications with easily accessible training.

Curated Content

By pairing your expertise with ours, we’ll help you create eye-catching content worth sharing. Our team will train you on the basics, from designing slides and scheduling messages, syncing applications, and more.

Competitive Review

We work with businesses across all industries, including hotels, hospitals, universities, casinos, corporations, and more. Leveraging our digital signage experience.

User Flexibility

From the onset, you can add unlimited users and system administrators to your digital signage platform. Even when you experience turnover, new employees will receive the same access you did on day one – even long after deployment.

healthcare center concierge board with events listed


JANUS Displays digital signage solutions give you the power to enhance the user experience, stand out among your competitors, and impress your audience.


The JANUS “One System, One Call” philosophy provides clients with complete turnkey digital signage solutions and ensures that we remain the premier provider of digital signage networks.