Emergency Messaging

Extreme weather warning digital emergency display

JANUS Displays extreme weather warning on a digital display

Critical communication efforts

Communication is a vital part in keeping guests, visitors, and staff safe during an emergency, such as a fire, severe weather event, or hostile situation. JANUS Displays digital signage can share breaking news and offer life-saving details. Using digital signage to display emergency messages helps you protect the people at your property or site.

Help people efficiently find shelter, locate the quickest escape route, stay informed, and remain calm during an emergency.

Help keep your property, staff, and guests safe and informed.

Effectively communicate emergency messages through your digital signage system. With the simple click of a button, show pre-programmed messages, maps, alerts and emergency instructions throughout your property.

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Safety, Emergency, and Disaster Initiatives

Emergencies are inevitable, but sharing important messages like hurricane paths or terror threats on a large digital display could make all the difference. Emergency messaging powered by JANUS Displays digital signage offers advanced warning of suspects wandering around the property, suspicious activity, or a severe weather warning. With this digital signage solution, you can be proactive rather than reactive.

Build upon success

Once your emergency messaging system is in place, our digital signage software helps you easily maintain and update messages. Knowing that you can calmly instruct staff and property guests when an emergency arises is a peace of mind commodity that you cannot go without.

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Emergency Templates

JANUS Displays provides you with pre-designed templates for almost any emergency. Use pre-programmed messages, alerts, and evacuation maps to broadcast safety procedures or other life-saving information throughout your property. Using these templates helps you get your messages out fast, without wasting time designing the message.

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Emergency solutions for any industry

Emergency messaging powered by digital signage is the perfect solution for any building or business.


Educate patients and visitors during an emergency. 

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Help staff and guests find the nearest shelter or evacuation route. 

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Instantly alert students, staff, and visitors of on- and off-campus emergencies. 

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Military Bases

Properly plan ahead for an emergency. 

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JANUS Displays is designed to engage, inform, and delight users. We recommend these products for Weather & Time and more.

Digital Displays

Deliver information, engage your audience, and communicate messages through dynamic multimedia.

Interactive Touchscreens

Inform and communicate through graphics and animations that will capture attention and enhance your décor or brand.

Room Boards

Just sync the JANUS Displays Vizia software with your event management system and the continual updating process takes care of the rest.

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JANUS Displays digital signage solutions give you the power to enhance the user experience, stand out among your competitors, and impress your audience.


The JANUS "One System, One Call" philosophy provides clients with complete turnkey digital signage solutions and ensures that we remain the premier provider of digital signage networks.