Flight Info & Boarding Pass Stations

The sky is the limit.

JANUS Displays digital signage allows your guests the convenience to check their flight status, check in, and print their boarding pass, without ever leaving your lobby. Digital flight and boarding pass stations gives guests more time to enjoy your amenities and your beautiful property.

Boarding Pass Station

First class treatment
Up-to-date flight data and worry-free check-in options are key solutions in your digital signage system. With the ability to print boarding passes directly from your digital display, this self-service boarding pass station will keep traffic on your property.

Time well spent

You are now free to roam around the lobby.
Making flight information available and giving guests access to print boarding passes allows you the opportunity to provide them with fun activities to keep them occupied on your property. Guide them to on-site shopping, events, or restaurants, and help increase ROI and overall guest satisfaction.

JANUS Displays is designed to engage, inform, and delight users.

No flight attendant needed!

Help your guests prepare for their flight with easy-to-use and -follow features and instructions.


Flight Status

Arrivals and departures are now available on a large digital display. Let your guests know the status of their flight before they leave for the airport.


Flight Check-in

A link on your digital display will take guests to their airline’s website, where they easily and securely can check in to their flight.


Print Boarding Passes

Once guests check in to their flight, they can print their boarding pass directly from the boarding pass station.

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