Server Solutions

It’s important to choose a server solution that’s best for your business.

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Server Features

The onsite and cloud-based server functionality is nearly identical. Both solutions are:

  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Scalable
  • Compatible with an unlimited amount of screens

Both options also require an internet connection and give you the ability to store and send content to digital screens.

How to Decide

To determine the right digital signage server solution, first consider the following:

  • What are your current and future plans for digital signage?
  • What kind of control you want over your server and software?
  • Would you like to pay for the installation upfront or spread out expenses over time?

Onsite Server

An onsite server option resides on your property and requires a secure network. It’s beneficial if you want to:

  • Host and store content onsite
  • Have your local IT team support your server
  • Control if (and when) you install software updates and features

Cloud-Based Server

With the cloud-based server option, you don’t need to purchase a physical server onsite. It’s beneficial if you want to:

  • Host content virtually through secure internet storage
  • Update software automatically
  • Give your local IT team limited involvement, since your cloud-based server is supported through a third-party
  • Manage content across unlimited locations (properties, cities and states) from a central server, versus an onsite server for each property

Need Help?

Our team at JANUS Displays will help identify the best server solution for your business.

Concierge board with custom lighting


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