4 Ways to Save Time, Money and Resources with Digital Signage

Businesses far and wide are turning to digital signage to replace traditional paper signs, menus, directories, room placards and more. This trend isn’t just a fad – it’s here to stay. Here’s why.

Technology is no longer an exception; it’s the rule. And if you want to impress your audience, it’s crucial to integrate technology into what they see across your business.

Save Time & Money with a Digital Signage System from JANUS Displays

What’s a good place to start? Timely and targeted signage.

When considering digital signage, weigh the pros and cons against printed paper signs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which looks more professional?
  • Which option is easily updated?
  • Which can be scheduled in advance or on the go?
  • Which is less labor intensive?
  • Which is environmentally friendly?
  • Which is easier to manage?

All of the above confirm the benefits of digital signage.

If you need more proof points to make the switch from print to digital, consider these four ways you can save time, money and resources with a digital signage solution.

1. Communicate timely meeting information

If you choose an experienced vendor, like JANUS Displays, digital signage software can be integrated with your back-end system. That means when you add and update meeting details in your event management system, it automatically updates on the digital sign, too.

You no longer have to worry about manually printing, cutting, and setting up printed signs, and you can pre-schedule or update information on-the-go. This digital solution saves you money on paper and printing costs, while also saving your employee’s time from creating and updating information by hand.

2. Give the right directions

In the same way digital signage can improve the way others access meeting and event information, it can get guests to where they need to go via wayfinding capabilities.

With an interactive concierge board or directory, your visitors can find their way around your property with interactive, self-service maps and property information. They’ll feel more empowered and knowledgeable, and your staff will be freed up to assist other guests.

3. Provide real-time data

Digital signage can be customized to display engaging applications – like a news feed, weather forecast, flight updates, and more. It’s near-impossible to keep this type of information up-to-date through paper form. That’s why businesses worldwide are turning to digital signage to do the work for them.
Digital signage also appeals to guests, customers, and employees – enhancing your appearance as a tech-savvy and environmentally-friendly company.

4. Save on support

There’s no need to troubleshoot issues on your own. When you work with a trusted digital signage vendor, professionals and technicians can do that for you.

By engaging with JANUS Displays, your digital signage solutions are equipped with Guardian monitoring, an onsite system that keeps your software, plug-ins and applications up-to-date with ongoing updates and maintenance. It also addresses issues if and when they arise.

It’s important to have this level of support at all times, since anything less can take away from the time you spend on your business.

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