Video Walls

Video walls do more than you may think.

You likely are familiar with video walls that are two screens wide by two screens high, but our Vizia digital signage management system makes possible a range of layouts, including tall, narrow formats, wide formats, and large formats. We configure video walls to meet our customers’ unique needs. Standard proportion video walls are a four-by-four screen layout. Larger screens lend themselves to distance viewing, but also display several pieces of content at the same time. JANUS Displays video walls can support multiple video feeds, image slideshows, and data feeds for events, all simultaneously.

Northside donor information digital display

Video Wall Displays

A JANUS Displays Video Wall lets you broadcast your message in a larger-than-life format. Show live sports, promotional or informational videos, RSS feeds, news and information, event listings, and/or advertisements in a format that can’t be missed.

Video wall display in a hotel lobby


JANUS Displays digital signage solutions give you the power to enhance the user experience, stand out among your competitors, and impress your audience.


The JANUS "One System, One Call" philosophy provides clients with complete turnkey digital signage solutions and ensures that we remain the premier provider of digital signage networks.