Video Walls

Captivate your audience and elevate the way others view your business.

Video Wall Benefits

A video wall is a group of screens that make up a single display. This solution allows you to:

  • Impress your audience
  • Promote your brand personality
  • Display different content types
  • Incorporate larger text, graphics and videos
  • Convey energy, emotion and movement
  • Broadcast media and news
  • Cover more wall space
  • Drive revenue with advertisements

Engage Your Audience

Applicable across a variety of industries, video walls help businesses attract attention, boost morale or sales, display images and videos, and create a memorable experience.

Northside donor information digital display
Video wall display in a hotel lobby

Flexible Configurations

Video walls offer a lot of flexibility. You can customize the number of screens, orientation (horizontal vs. vertical), and content to display. You can also choose to project one large slide or multiple pieces of content across your video wall.

Cover Empty Space

Video walls take up more real estate and cover empty wall space. Use video walls to display your message or create a work of art in lobbies and common areas.

Easy Management

Regardless of the number of screens or content pieces you select, all video wall content is managed through simplified software and hardware.

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