Guardian Monitoring Solution

Introducing Guardian, Our System Health Monitoring Solution

You already know that day or night, we’re only one phone call away, but how would you like to have even faster access to real-time support? Introducing Guardian, our real-time on-site monitoring system.

Guardian lets us monitor your system’s overall health and often respond to and resolve issues before they’re noticeable on site. Guardian monitors and provides information about:

  • Hard Drive, Memory and CPU Usage
  • Network Latency
  • Hardware Temperature
  • Online/Offline Status
  • JANUS System Uptime and Software/Service Status
  • Events Interface Issues
  • Network and Wireless Connectivity Issues
  • And more!

Guardian stores information about your signage solution online, which you can access via a secure login. And if Guardian detects a possible issue, it sends an e-mail and outlines the possible issue as well as potential solutions. Once the issue is resolved, Guardian sends a follow-up email confirming your system is again operating at 100 percent.

Your IT Team will love it because:

  • All reporting data is outbound network traffic
  • Guardian does not open any type of access for inbound hacking or access
  • You won’t need to set up special exceptions or make firewall rules for it to effectively operate and provide you with information
  • It collects key signatures that can point to the existence of malware, and this information can help us detect the malware before it corrupts and destroys your system.

In many ways, Guardian helps extend the capacity of your staff.

For Guardian to work on your system, you need:

  • Windows 7 or higher, .Net framework of 4.5 or higher, and Internet access on at least one device
  • Any version of our VIZIA or VIZIA Interactive software

We designed Guardian with you in mind. Whether you’re a brand new customer or a customer with several years of JANUS service under your belt, Guardian will fit your system. It is backward compatible and easy to add to solutions already in place.

And if you have an on-site server or computer, or operate in an Internet-restrictive environment, our Guardian Relay will provide you with the same level of security and information. As long as your on-site server has Internet access, Guardian Relay will collect information about your digital signage controllers, even if they do not have Internet access. You’ll still receive e-mails about possible problems and solutions, and you also can access information via a web interface.

Guardian lets us expand on the customer service we’re known for, take care of your digital signage solutions, and provide you with peace of mind because you and your solution are in good hands.

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