The Perfect Pair: Digital Signage in Hotels and Resorts

Bread and butter. Milk and cookies. Coffee with breakfast. Each one is better with the other.

Digital Signage and Hotels - The Perfect Pair

The same is true of digital signage in the hospitality industry because it plays an important role in how guests interact with hotels and resorts. Whether guests travel for business or pleasure, they rely on accurate and accessible information throughout their stay.

Let’s look at the many ways hotels and resorts use digital signage to engage their guests, and learn how you, too, can implement this strategy today.

Lobby Experience

You should capture your guests’ attention as soon as they enter the lobby, and an easy way to do so is through a video wall.

The difference between a good and great video wall is content. Eye-catching designs, programmed videos and images, and live feeds all play an important role in your strategy.

When you work with an industry-leading signage provider, like JANUS Displays, our team works alongside your hotel staff and contractors to craft content and frames that complement your brand and property décor.

Interactive Board

Everyone loves their mobile device because it gives them on-demand access to information at their fingertips. With similar capabilities, a virtual concierge board helps answer guests’ travel-related questions, all in one place.

Usually located in the lobby, a virtual concierge board is an interactive display that’s available as a pedestal, pulpit or mounted enclosure. It’s equipped with everything a guest needs to know once they step foot on property, including maps, meeting information, amenities, and real-time feeds for weather, airline information, news and more.


Digital wayfinding makes it easy for guests to find their way around your property with intuitive maps. The wayfinding solution is customized to any property size or format, whether your hotel is a single building with multiple floors or a resort with multiple buildings, onsite restaurants and amenities.

When navigation is simple, it alleviates discouragement from your guests or staff. Guests can even send the map to their mobile device, giving them access to property information 24/7 during their stay.

Meeting and Conference Spaces

If you host business meetings or conferences onsite, digital signage is a game changer. Display real-time meeting information using digital room boards and directories throughout your event space.

This digital signage solution integrates with your event management software, giving your staff one less thing to worry about throughout the event. Outside vendors, caterers or presenters will also benefit from the useful information, making it easy to find when and where they need to go.

Menu Boards

If your hotel has an onsite café or restaurant, a digital menu board is an easy solution for everyone. Your staff no longer needs to change out menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead, you can pre-schedule the content in the digital signage software to update on its own. It’s also an easy to adjust pricing or available dishes, since you no longer need to print a new menu each time there’s a change.


Adding engaging content and information onto digital signage is great, but monetizing your solution is even better. Use digital signage to promote onsite restaurants and amenities to your guests, or even collaborate with local businesses to display advertisements.

When you work with JANUS Displays, we’ll help you monetize your displays and design content to increase visibility from your guests.

And more

Use digital content is a variety of ways so guests are more familiar and satisfied about all that your property has to offer.

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