Patrick Air Force Base Case Study

See how digital signage enhanced the Base tour experience

Located between Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach in Brevard County, Florida, Patrick Air Force Base is a United States Air Force station that’s home to the 45th Space Wing, which controls and operates rocket and satellite launches for the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Several times a week, the Patrick Air Force Base Operations Center conducts tours with groups varying from local schools and Boys Scout troops to U.S. congressional representatives, senators, generals, and even foreign leaders.

Since Cape Canaveral conducts NASA and NOAA launches only a few dozen times a year, the Patrick Air Force Base team and tour officer used posters to highlight what happens during operations. Their process was inefficient and outdated, so they sought a new solution to improve the Base tour experience.

The Challenge

When Patrick Air Force Base first offered tours, the team would print off large posters and set up them up on easels throughout the facility. And when it came time to update the photos or information displayed on the signs, they would revise and reprint the posters – a process that was neither efficient nor enjoyable for the crew.

They were also required to assemble and dissemble the posters after each tour, since the Fire Marshal considered it a hazard to keep up the posters and easels.

Tour efficiency quickly became a priority, since updating and assembling posters was taking up too much time and energy.

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The Solution

The crew engaged JANUS Displays for digital signage solutions, since they worked with Patrick Air Force Base many years before. After the initial consultation, it was evident that JANUS Displays could create solutions to enhance the tour experience for all parties involved.

JANUS Displays could also provide a signage solution that met the military’s server and security needs, since the Base does not operate on the internet.

Together, they chose varied solutions to present new and engaging tour content. First, they deployed two digital displays at the beginning of the tour route to replace the 15 large printed posters and easels that once lined the halls. The static displays cycled through photos of rocket and satellite launches, events, and more – showcasing Base culture and operations. Then throughout the facility, they installed touch screens so the tour officer could play videos, while also giving visitors self-service access to information.

The hardware and software also met the military security standards and Fire Marshal codes.


Updated Digital Signage

The tour officer, visiting groups, and Base crew all benefit from the new displays. The team no longer has to manually update, assemble, and dissemble posters for each tour group, because with digital signage, the solution is already in place.

Informative and Engaging Tours

The tour officer can also switch out information with ease, and the content is more informative and engaging for tours. Groups now have the next best thing to a rocket or satellite launch, since they watch videos of a launch instead of simply hearing an explanation or seeing a photo.

More Time

Overall, Patrick Air Force Bases provides their crew and tour groups a better experience through digital signage, giving them more time to focus on the things that matter.

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Featured Testimonial

Patrick Air Force Bases

“Installing JANUS Displays improved the tour experience and added a ‘wow’ factor at our base.”


Captain, Patrick Air Force Base

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