Onsite or Cloud-Based Servers: Which One is Right for You?

When deploying digital signage, you need to decide whether an onsite and cloud-based server solution if best for your business.

To determine the right solution, think about how you plan to deploy and maintain digital signage. Consider if your IT and facilities teams will support:

  • Server set up and installation
  • System maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Server and software updates
  • If applicable, future server and signage implementation

Before you nail down a decision, let’s compare and contrast the two server options to help you choose the right solution for your staff, property and overall digital signage strategy.

The similarities

Regardless of the server you choose, the functionalities and features are nearly identical. Both options are:

  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Scalable
  • Compatible for an unlimited amount of screens

Onsite and cloud-based server solutions both require an internet connection and give you the ability to store and send content to digital screens.

The differences

Onsite server
Let’s first look at the onsite server solution. This option resides on your property and requires a secure network. It’s beneficial if you want your:

  • Content hosted onsite
  • Local IT team to support your server
  • Team to control if (and when) you install software updates and features

It’s important to note there are higher upfront costs with this option, since you need to buy or build a server on your property. However, there are little-to-no expenses over time because you already paid for the server up front. You also have the option to opt in to a maintenance agreement after your 1 year warranty it up to protect your digital signage investment, which will provide extended support for your solution.

Cloud-based server
A cloud-based server solution stores your content virtually through secure internet storage. With this option, you can also manage content across unlimited locations (cities and states) from one central server, versus purchasing an onsite server for each property.

A cloud-based server is beneficial if you want your:

  • Content hosted virtually over the internet (secure)
  • Software to be updated automatically
  • Local IT team to have limited involvement, since your cloud-based server is supported online through a third-party

While this option has lower upfront costs, you will pay ongoing expenses to manage your cloud storage (space) and external server. You are also required to purchase an annual maintenance agreement for ongoing support.

Your preference

Ultimately, it’s important to consider:

  • Your current and future plans for digital signage,
  • What kind of control you want over your server and software, and
  • Whether you’d like to pay for the installation upfront or spread out expenses over time.

Whatever option you choose, there’s no wrong decision. Connect with the team at JANUS Displays to help you identify the best server solution to fit your needs and move your business forward.

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