JANUS Displays Completes Digital Signage Installation at University Hospital

University hospital digital signage

University Hospital wanted to display three vertical screens within one enclosure. The JANUS Displays solution included the development of a custom frame and software that let the three screens function like a video wall, despite showing different content.

A custom approach – that’s what the team at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey wanted with their recent digital signage deployment. While their decision to install three main directories is common – especially for a facility that wants to display wayfinding, office and personnel information, and announcements – deciding to display all three signs within one frame enclosure is not.

Enter JANUS Displays. With its history of providing digital signage solutions that make all of the required types of information available, as well as its history of designing and creating custom frames and video walls, the solution was clear – display the three screens next to each other within one frame, and set up the screens to function like a video wall.

The JANUS Displays Vizia software and Flex tool can turn multiple screens into a video wall, where different types of information can be displayed simultaneously. Not only can the screens display different types of information, but the screens can display different types of information that changes throughout the day or the week – or whenever someone wants to schedule the information to change. The solution, essentially, is a video wall with three independent screens.

For example, one screen can permanently display wayfinding information about the facility, while the other two screens rotate through slides displaying different information, such as an overall building directory on one screen and information about specific doctors (in this case, though it can be for anyone in a facility) and their specialties.

With a plan in place, the JANUS team designed and created a frame that not only matches the style of University Hospital but also is itself a functional work of art. The frame retains a contemporary style (which is one of three JANUS Displays signature frame styles) but also incorporates a brushed metal enclosure.

“When presented with a unique request, we don’t provide our clients with a cookie-cutter solution,” said David Rowell, production supervisor at JANUS Displays. “We take a holistic approach, looking not just at the types of screens the solution will include but also the area where the screens will be mounted and the type of information the screens will display.”

JANUS Displays provided the facility with pre-made content and editable slides, and the facility’s director of communications, Lazhar Mhiri, plans to update the content when necessary.

“The University Hospital digital signage is an example of how we provided facility-specific solutions,” said William Henderson, marketing manager at JANUS Displays. “Clients can pick from one of several standard options, or they can request a custom solution, which we are more than happy to provide.”

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