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Read why digital signage is an easy way to captivate and engage your audience.  

Businesses far and wide are turning to digital signage to replace traditional paper signs, menus, directories, room placards and more. This trend isn’t just a fad – it’s here to stay. Here’s why.

It appeals to your target audience.

In the age of technology, digital signage is the next best thing to a mobile device for your business. It captures the attention of your audience – from guests, customers, employees and more – and gives them access to information at their fingertips. Aside from being a self-service solution, digital signage also gives you the ability to customize content, cut costs, and extend your brand.

Invest in Digital Signage

You can customize your displays.

With digital signage, you can showcase your message in a variety of ways. Choose a provider, like JANUS Displays, that offers high-quality, easy-to-read screens offered as a static display or interactive touchscreen.

Then, pair your screen with the right frame or enclosure to match your property décor, signage goals and overall business needs.

For example, hotels often use concierge boards, pedestals or pulpits to display property maps and directories in the lobby, while using mounted displays in the hallways or meeting spaces. In comparison, corporate offices typically choose surface or recess mounted displays in the visitor entrance and employee common areas, showcasing varying messages including company values, call-to-action items, photos and more.

Since your objectives are unique to your business, turn to an experienced signage provider like JANUS Displays to help you find a signage solution that fits your needs.

The system and software is easy to manage.

It’s important your digital signage system comes with reliable content management software that’s both user-friendly and easy to update.

When you select a qualified provider like JANUS Displays, your team will receive the technology, tools and templates they need to create and update visually appealing messages.

The ideal system and software gives you the ability to:

  • Reflect your business’ brand
  • Customize content for guests, customers or employees
  • Schedule and update messages with ease
  • Display eye-catching graphics, photos and videos
  • Offer real-time feeds, from news, weather, flight information and more
  • Showcase messages from a frame or enclosure that complements your property’s décor, while hiding the wires and hardware underneath

The JANUS Displays team can work with your staff to scope, install, and deploy the right solution for your business, all while providing the support you need along the way.

You’re backed by professional support.

When you work with a team like JANUS Displays, you’re supported throughout the entire pre-planning and deployment process – which is essential to get your system up and running.

Users can take advantage of onsite or online education that’s customized to your business and accessible to all system administrators. After implementation, the team at JANUS Displays is always here to train, maintain, troubleshoot, and expand your digital signage solutions.

JANUS Displays also keeps your software, plug-ins and applications up-to-date with ongoing development and maintenance, and addresses issues if and when they arise.

The best part? It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all through technicians at JANUS Displays headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Engage your audience with digital signage.

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