Why Interactive Displays Make For Happy Guests

Interactive Displays Make For Happy Hotel Guests

Interactive Displays, sometimes known as Concierge Boards, benefit hotels by reducing staff overhead, improving guest flow and increasing amenity revenue. It is no wonder hotels love them, but it is so easy to get wrapped up in what Concierge Boards do for hotels that sometimes we forget their real job – to help our guests have an enjoyable and efficient stay with our hotels.


One of the most important functions of an interactive display is wayfinding. Interactive wayfinding provides guests with a visual path to their destination, along with written directions. The supplied map and directions can be transferred to the guest’s phone through a QR bar code, so guests can follow the map to their destination. Guests who rely on online maps in other facets of their life will be impressed with the technology, in a space where GPS offers no reliable solution.


A frequent partner of wayfinding is an amenities list for your hotel property. Where is the gym? The bar? The pool? Guests may be happy to ask at your front desk or concierge, but being able to quickly scope all hotel amenities from a digital directory helps them to become familiar with your amenities in their own time and at their own pace, without draining your front desk human resources. Interactive digital signage allows your property to better promote the revenue centers you need to promote and combines guest needs (a restaurant for dinner) with your own priorities (driving guests to your own restaurant or to an affiliated local venue).


In our digital world we have access to endless information, so what value can interactive displays provide to guests?

The ability to pull together the most critical information about your local area and have that available to guests has huge value and makes an outstanding impression. Information on flights and transport are generally critical on a trip, but can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Local area attractions, restaurants and other services can be found online but can be time consuming and cumbersome for guests from out of town. The ability to provide concise, critical and readily available information can be a key element in a guest’s satisfaction.

Your hotel brand is a composite of how your guests perceive you. Interactive digital displays provide a level of guest-centric sophistication that ensures guests recognize your hotel as being a premier service provider.

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