Interactive Wayfinding

Digital interactive wayfinding directs patients and provides clear instructions on how to reach destinations in your facility, regardless of how large it is or the number of buildings it encompasses. Integrate an interactive wayfinding solution into your facility to reduce late or cancelled appointments, distraction-related errors, and staff interruptions, AND to improve a patient’s overall experience.

If your facility hosts clinician lectures, events, fundraisers, support groups, and/or information sessions, a JANUS event directory, partnered with room boards outside of your meeting rooms, helps visitors learn about events and get them where they need to go.

Healthcare center concierge board with event listing

Healthcare Digital Signage

Improve the patient experience, relieve the burden on staff, and promote your facility amenities through your easy to maintain digital signage network throughout your facility. Keep patients informed with a JANUS Displays healthcare digital signage solution. Provide interactive maps, important facility updates, physician directories, event directories or class directories, and/or cafeteria menus. We offer a number of standard and patient solutions. We guarantee one will fit your facility.

HCC campus map digital display

Facility Directory

Improve patient and visitor experiences with a digital facility directory. Use it to share information about doctors and other medical providers, upcoming events, facility amenities and their hours of operation, local destinations, and your cafeteria menu. Our integrated, easy-to-update content management system lets you manage your digital display solution from a central location, sell advertising space to local businesses, display your donors, and announce advances and upgrades.

In case of emergency, turn your digital signage solution into an emergency broadcasting system, using any of the pre-designed templates, or your own message.

Contact a member of our sales team today to learn more about what our products can do for your property.


Hospital floor and suite listing

Physician directory

JANUS Displays unique physician directories provide convenience and structure to visitors and patients. Our unique healthcare digital signage wayfinding tools eliminate confusion. An interactive interface allows users to search the directory, which can include names of physicians and employees, photos, where they went to school, and their specialties. The JANUS Flex directory management system enables you to quickly edit your physician directory, ensuring patients and visitors find the correct location, every time.

Morrow center physician directory
Barnes Jewish hospital digital display

Donor recognition boards

Use a custom donor recognition board to extend a special “thank you” to your donors and benefactors. Digital donor recognition boards eliminate the cost and time associated with printing traditional donor plaques. Customize your digital donor boards to include photos, bios, and videos of your donors. Increase their visibility and highlight specific contributors with special messages and announcements.

Client Testimonials

“Hospitals are busy places, [and see] people 24 hours [a day], seven days a week. JANUS Displays provides Shore Memorial Hospital with a way to effectively communicate hospital events, classes, awards, services, and more to an extensive audience- from employees and physicians to patients and visitors- anyone who walks past the display can be assured they are up-to-date with hospital news. The effectiveness of their products coupled with excellence in customer service for requests, questions, and technical support are top notch at JANUS Displays.”

Joe Hilbert

E-Communications Specialist, Shore Memorial Hospital

“We had several criteria in mind when selecting a vendor for our hospital’s digital displays: Cost, ability to expand, user interface, and technology. In the considerable amount of research our company performed, we found JANUS Displays to be the clear leader in each of those categories. We were able to have all of our “need to have” and “like to have” features, at a price that made it easy to acquire and install in a short period of time. The representatives at JANUS Displays were able to design their system in a way that we could easily add it onto the robust IT systems we already had present. Additionally, they made it in a way that we could expand the system to meet our needs for tomorrow. Most importantly, each of the representatives I have interacted with have been great to work with, and have bent over backwards to meet our needs. I look forward to recommending JANUS Displays to our sister hospitals.”

Veeral Shah Associate

Associate Chief Operating Officer, Regional Medical Center of San Jose

“We have been using the JANUS Display System in Good Samaritan Hospital with great success. This program fulfills a need for us to effectively communicate with medical staff, hospital employees, patients and visitors. As our TV screens throughout the hospital continue to gain popularity, so is the prospect of expanding this service to other hospitals. The administrative tools offer great functionality in a user-friendly environment. And most importantly, the ongoing technical and customer support we receive has been exceptional.”

Karen Stoohs

System Manager, Medical Staff Services, Bon Secours Charity Health System


JANUS Displays digital signage solutions give you the power to enhance the user experience, stand out among your competitors, and impress your audience.


The JANUS “One System, One Call” philosophy provides clients with complete turnkey digital signage solutions and ensures that we remain the premier provider of digital signage networks.