Onsite Server Solution

Host your digital signage solution on premise and put long-term system and server maintenance into the hands of your IT team.

Server Benefits

With an onsite server, you unlock benefits for your digital signage solution:

  • No annual contracts
  • No ongoing licensing fees
  • No mandatory hosting fees
  • Full hardware and software coverage the first year, free of charge
  • Optional maintenance agreements
  • Unlimited training at no cost during the first year

Server Control

By choosing an onsite solution, your IT team manages your digital signage system, server and ongoing maintenance.

There are slightly higher upfront costs with this option, since you need to buy all the software licenses and server setup upfront. However, there are little-to-no operating expenses because you already paid for it up front.

On premises digital signage tablet device

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Maintenance Agreement

Protect your digital signage investment long after deployment. With an onsite server, you have the option extend your maintenance agreement after your one-year warranty is up, giving you peace-of-mind with extended support.


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