Does Digital Signage Belong in Historical and Traditional Hotels?

The hospitality industry is constantly changing, with new market trends and technology always around the corner.

With boutique hotels popping up in major city centers around the world, modern travelers are less interested in square footage or amenities. Instead, they want an experience. It’s one of many reasons why travelers turn to historical and traditional hotels for the inspiration and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

While historical and traditional hotels beam with character, it’s also important for them to remain competitive and innovative in the travel industry – and that’s where digital signage plays an important role.

Let’s take a look at how and why JANUS Displays helps historical and traditional hotels become progressive with digital signage.

Adds to the aesthetic

A common misconception is that digital displays don’t belong in historical or traditional hotels because of the modern appearance or technology itself. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you work with a top digital signage provider like JANUS Displays, our team can customize content, frames and enclosures that complement any brand and aesthetic, regardless of when and where the hotel was established.

From the slide backgrounds, graphics and messages, each piece of content is designed to be as unique as the hotel itself. The technology and its features – like wayfinding, directories, meeting information, weather, news feeds, and more – will also add to the value of the hotel, helping guests find their way and appreciate their stay.

A work of art

Custom framing is what really makes the difference, turning a display screen into a piece of art to complement the rest of the hotel’s ambience.

To help you find the perfect match, the JANUS Displays online design tool allows you to browse modern, contemporary and traditional framing styles, or you can even design your own.

Our team of professionals can also help you choose an enclosure that fits your guest and staff needs – leaning on the experience we’ve gained from thousands of hospitality projects nationwide. Whatever style you select, we’ll ensure it complements the design and history of your property.

Celebrates history and amenities

Technological progress and reform are crucial to a hotel’s success, and one of our clients – The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia – is perfect example of this.

Since 1895, the luxury hotel has taken pride in preserving its historical value and status in the area, with guest experience and satisfaction as top priorities. Yet even The Jefferson incorporates digital signage across the property, recognizing that in the modern era, there are some luxuries that guests refuse to go without – technology being one of them.

Similarly, most historical and traditional hotels have a deep-rooted history behind the property or former guests, while also showcasing impeccable interior design, breathtaking views, unique restaurants, and more.

Regardless of the hotel’s background and amenities, digital signage allows each property to customize and highlight those selling points and stories to new guests.

Engages guests

Hotels can use digital signage to display historic photos, videos or trivia, as well as highlight special property features with a customized content strategy.

Whatever your objective, our team at JANUS Displays can strategize how to integrate these attributes so your guests appreciate the content that’s shared, while also using the best features digital signage has to offer, such as wayfinding, directories, meeting information, weather, news feeds, and more.

Choose digital signage

Digital signage is a valuable tool for hotels of any size, type or location – even historical and traditional properties.

To learn more about digital signage and how it adds value across the hospitality industry, visit, or request a demo today. 

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