How Digital Signage Benefits Healthcare Facilities

How Digital Signage Benefits Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals are complex, busy places that range in size from a single building to sprawling campuses that cover large amounts of real estate.

Interactive wayfinding kiosks play an important role in improving the hospital experience for patients and visitors. Digital signage reduces the frustrations associated with finding loved ones or important appointments within the healthcare facility. Interactive digital wayfinding reduces the time it takes for people to get directions, improves the customer experience, and is more efficient at revenue and donation generation.

Staff load – danger of distractions and cost of extra staff to play information center

Northeast Georgia Health System Digital SignageIn a hospital or healthcare center, the service desk can quickly become an expensive drain on resources. Service desks have a high turnover rate, requiring continuous training of new staff, which pulls senior staff away from their jobs. In addition, many service desks are not manned over-night which requires staff members to be on-call, contributing to over-time and on-call premium pay increases.

When the front desk is manned, the staff is busy with administrative tasks that are critical to the hospital functionality. Constantly coming and going, the staff is busy and often away from their stations or helping other people. When they are present at the desk, disruptive questions (like asking for directions) can cause distraction-related errors that, in the medical field, can have real effects on the quality of care a patient is receiving. These errors may result in delays, result in errors of documentation, errors in medication administration, and interrupted assessments and procedures.

Studies show that pharmacists, technicians, and nurses are interrupted from their work as often as once every two minutes! A study conducted by Westbrook found that interruptions while trying to prepare and administer medication results in a 12.7% increased risk of medication error.

Improved customer experience

Digital wayfinding directs visitors and provides clear instruction on how to reach their destination, by the most direct path possible. Healthcare facilities that prepare accurate, detailed maps and then provide these to guests and patients through a comprehensive digital wayfinding solution improve guest satisfaction and reduce stress loads on guests, patients, and staff.

Interactive wayfinding maps show start and end points, draw the path for the user to follow, and provide detailed written directions. Is the end destination several floors away? High-end wayfinding solutions have the ability to send the directions to the visitor’s phone by using email or an interactive mobile solution. Users can take the directions they need with them for later reference, rather than going halfway to their destination, only to ask another staff member for additional directions.

Healthcare digital signage solutions provide automated, cost-effective solutions to improve the quality and speed of the visit, while also reducing the service overhead incurred by the hospital or healthcare center. The benefits of interactive wayfinding include a reduction in late or cancelled appointments, a reduction in labor (without ample wayfinding, patients rely on staff for directions, often asking multiple employees for directions along the way) and an improved overall experience.

Promote events, classes and amenities within the facility and generate revenue

digital sign hallway in a hospitalIntegrating event-focused and marketing-focused digital signage into healthcare digital signage solutions extends the gains digital signage can provide to a healthcare facility. Digital signage of this kind ensures that classes, lectures, or fundraisers happening at the hospital or healthcare center are not only listed prominently where they will be seen, but that when someone arrives at the hospital for their First Aid Certification class, or their New Mothers informational meeting, they can find their class on the events schedule and be mapped directly to the room where it is being held.

Along with the many informational benefits of digital signage, it can often also be used to generate revenue within the facility by promoting amenities, classes, and events. Digital signage can also be used to advertise local amenities on a paid basis. Healthcare facilities can sell advertising and referrals to hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Security – Digital Signage as a hospital-wide alert system.

A well-conceived digital signage network creates a versatile and engaging communications system, which can also serve important functions in addition to wayfinding and communications. In the case of an emergency, the digital network can be a critical part of the hospital’s front-line strategy. Digital signage provides a wide-coverage alert system, while wayfinding helps visitors make their way to safety.


Digital signage and wayfinding helps provides a better, faster, and less stressful experience for your patients and visitors. It improves the patient’s experience at the healthcare center and saves the facility money. Digital signage provides an information and communications layer that reduces distraction and therefore improves care.

Healthcare digital signage solutions can be cost-positive into the bargain. It allows facilities to promote amenities, sell advertising, and bolster fundraising efforts. In many cases, the revenue generated through these activities can offset or even exceed initial capital investment into a digital signage system.

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