Improve Fundraising Contributions and Program Profiles with a Digital Donor Board

A Digital Donor Board Improves Fundraising, by JANUS Displays

Interactive Digital Donor Board by JANUS Displays

Private and public non-profit organizations thrive thanks to the generosity of donors and patrons. Without donations, these types of organizations no longer can operate. Many organizations send thank you cards and/or announce donations via print or electronic newsletters, or maybe at a donor gratitude ceremony. But with a digital donor board, your organization can thank donors year-round and generate interest in your fundraising efforts.

Using a digital solution, you can announce donations, highlight new and returning donors, share information about fundraising campaigns, and solicit immediate donations via a QR code and mobile device. Digital donor recognition boards immediately communicate and generate influence, which leads to increased donations throughout the year.

Reflect positively on your donors

Digital signage donor boards are a meaningful and thoughtful way to express your gratitude and appreciation. When an individual or organization makes a donation, you can recognize, honor, and thank them on a beautifully designed and perfectly maintained donor board.

After installing a digital donor board, say goodbye to donor boards with empty spaces where the names of future donors will go. Instead, show your list of donors, and easily add to this list when new donations come in. Tailor messages for and to each donor. Include a picture and/or video of the individual or organization, and even videos of your capital campaign committee thanking donors for their support.

Easy to update

Don’t spend weeks waiting for the plaque to arrive for a new donor. With a digital display, add new donors to your donor board in minutes. Highlight significant contributions, marquee benefactors, new donors, or the Donor of the Month with easy editing.

Digital donor board content management software makes adding new donors simple and fast. Same donor, new information? Edits are even easier. Update pictures, names, and messages, and push changes immediately to the display. Digital donor boards can rotate through many messages and achieve several goals at once.

Increase donations

Digital displays invite interaction and participation. Use your donor board to promote donations, your organization’s mission and vision, and campaign efforts. Use your state-of-the-art digital donor board as a tool to help entice new donors passing through, or as a friendly reminder to current donors that it is time to give again.

However, donor boards don’t have to only showcase donors. For example, donor boards in healthcare facilities or universities can be used to announce new faculty, updates to a building or wing, recently purchased equipment, winners of donation-funded scholarships, and much, much more!

JANUS Displays can make your vision a reality. Contact JANUS today to request a demo and learn how we can build a perfect alternative to traditional donor boards.

Interactive Digital Donor Board by JANUS Displays

Pana Community Hospital Foundation Interactive Digital Donor Board by JANUS Displays

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