From Good to Great: Here’s How We Create Compelling Digital Signage Content

Content is the key to engaging your audience, communicating important information, and inspiring action. Without it, digital signage is just a medium – a vehicle to display your message. The content itself is what drives results.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a digital signage provider with a proven track record and clear understanding of your audience’s needs, brand standards, and overall property design. Without this skill set, your content can easily become a missed opportunity versus a golden one.

To help you get started, read the six ways JANUS Displays can work with you to create compelling content and take your digital signage strategy from good to great.

We leverage design professionals.

You don’t have to be a design pro to create eye-catching content. When you work with JANUS Displays, our team of designers can customize templates, graphics, and backgrounds that complement your brand, as well as your interior and exterior property design.

Once we design a template library for your business, you can easily update slides and backgrounds in advance or on-the-go from an intuitive content management system. The even better news? You’ll also have access to a team of design experts and trainers throughout your maintenance agreement.

We understand brand standards.

Whether your content is targeted at guests or employees, digital signage should inspire a positive feeling about your business and brand. When you work with JANUS Displays, we incorporate your logo and color scheme into the slide templates and background, which helps connect your audience to the content you display.

As a preferred digital signage provider for major, independent and boutique companies nationwide, our team understands the most complex brands and leverages that experience to deliver cohesive content across a variety of industries.

Some of the best performing slides connect your audience emotionally to your brand, too. When you partner with JANUS Displays, we’ll help you customize messages that reflect your company mission, vision, and values, along with employee or customer photos, awards, quotes, or recommendations to drive action.

Appealing to your audience.

If your message is too generic or does not apply to your audience, they will likely disengage from it altogether. Instead, JANUS Displays works with you to understand how others will engage with your content.

Geographic location

Whether your business is located in the city, near the beach, suburbs or mountains, we’ll customize content to match your geography. For example, if your hotel is in a coastal location, the content colors, graphics and background could feature sandy shores and sunny skies.

Multiple sites

If your business has digital signage across multiple sites, JANUS Displays can create targeted content for each location and incorporate local maps, photos, wayfinding, events, attractions, and dynamic feeds like weather, news, flight information, and more.

Audience actions

We’ll take time to understand your business and audience priorities. For example, hotels can use their displays to guide their guests around the property, display meeting information, and promote onsite amenities; they can also sell advertising space to increase revenue. Likewise, corporations can integrate employee information and performance data into their digital signage to boost morale and drive results.

Considering display specifications.

When creating content that captivates your audience, JANUS Displays takes displays and frames and enclosures into consideration. For example, if your interactive touch screen solution is in the lobby or welcome center, the content should greet guests, offer directories, and help them navigate the property. If your static display is outside a conference space, it should feature meeting room information or event schedules.

Your message should also be easy to read, so we’ll consider the size and placement of your display and customize content accordingly. Details like font size and length matter most when readers only have a few seconds to engage with your message.

Always up-to-date.

If left untouched, your content can easily become outdated or stale. JANUS Displays will provide the necessary templates to freshen up your graphics and message based on the season, event or initiative.

Slide details – like new meeting information, employee events, and metrics – require special attention, so our integrated content management system can be especially helpful for your digital signage strategy. The software works with most event management programs to automatically populate your content with the right meeting information.

Connect with us to get started.

When you partner with JANUS Displays, we’ll leverage more than 30 years of experience in digital content development and take time to understand your brand and business needs.

Let’s connect to see if our solutions are the right fit for your needs and overall digital signage strategy. Visit for more information, or request a demo today.

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