Enhance Your Corporate Communications

Digital signage brings your message to life. Help your employees and visitors feel welcomed and informed with targeted communications any time, any place. Use digital displays to promote important deadlines, meetings and events, safety messages, mission and values, performance metrics, and more.

Digital Signage Benefits

Use digital signage for corporate communications to:

  • Brand signage with your company logo and color scheme
  • Target messages to different audiences, whether firm-wide or to individual departments or visitors
  • Put company culture on display
  • Keep employees informed with important details and deadlines
  • Attract talent and visitors in your main lobby
  • Help visitors and vendors navigate your property
  • Display room information outside meeting and conference rooms
  • Show safety messages and reminders
  • Integrate performance data
  • Recognize employees, teams and departments
  • Boost morale with your company mission and values
Renaissance Hotel Digital Room Board
Evergreen Ballroom Digital Signage

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Employee Communications

Engage your employees and boost morale with digital signage. Promote company culture, recognize employees and display announcements using signage near entrances, hallways, common areas and elevator banks, or show meeting information using digital room boards and directories outside your conference rooms and meeting space.

Visitor Communications

Put your culture and values on display with digital signage. Share engaging visitor messages and company photos on digital signage near the main entrance, in the lobby or throughout your property. If your business has multiple buildings, use digital directories and interactive wayfinding to help visitors navigate your property.

Events and Meetings

Our VIZIA content management system integrates with Microsoft Outlook and other event management programs to display real-time meeting information in common areas, outside conference rooms, and more.

Business Continuity

If a natural disaster or safety issue arises, put your guest and employees’ minds at ease with important directions and announcements. Using the digital signage system, you can override pre-programmed content with new or existing safety messages in real-time or on-the-go.

Performance Data

Integrate your performance data software with digital signage to share employee and company metrics, leading to increased engagement and production scores.

Renaissance Hotel Digital Room Board
Evergreen Ballroom Digital Signage

Scalable Solutions

With our scalable digital signage solution, you can target messages to different audiences, teams and departments, based on how they add value. Choose from our diverse product line, or request a demo.

Content Templates

Our team of talented designers can customize your digital signage background, slides and frames to reflect your company brand, and provide a content library and templates to update after your system is set up.

Frame and Enclosure Options

Finish off your digital signage with custom display frames and enclosures to match the property décor, or choose from our extensive gallery.

Client Testimonials

The Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel has had a JANUS Displays solution on site for 20 years. The property isn’t able to upgrade its solution currently, but when it stopped fully functioning, didn’t want to regress to the days of printing and posting events schedules. Enter the JANUS Displays tech team. Steve Hudson, one of our on-site technicians, researched the issue, found a solution, and worked with the property to get its solution back at 100 percent. “Steve is just a pleasure to deal with, is always willing to help, his knowledge of the products are impeccable, and I really enjoy working with him. Steve always calls and follows up when he says he will, which is a wonderful trait to have in this day and age. His customer service skills are off the charts … and JANUS will always be our go-to company when we need something.”

Anthony Carlo

Director of Food & Beverage/Senior Operations Manager, Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel

Ongoing customer care is a part of the service: “It was reported to me that your (Product Specialist) was on-site yesterday afternoon and did install the new screen. According to all hotel staff persons involved, (he) was very impressive. He did a very good job, and was a terrific representative for JANUS.”

Brooke Drayton

President, Carper Company


JANUS Displays digital signage solutions give you the power to enhance the user experience, stand out among your competitors, and impress your audience.


The JANUS “One System, One Call” philosophy provides clients with complete turnkey digital signage solutions and ensures that we remain the premier provider of digital signage networks.