The Top 5 Ways to Generate Hotel Digital Signage ROI

Digital Signage ROI for hotels and conference centers

Digital signage provides many benefits to hotels and conference centers working to maximize the value they provide to customers.

The cost of digital signage may seem significant, but when evaluated against the potential for return on investment (ROI), a strong business case emerges. Digital signage can generate a revenue return that far outweighs initial investment, and in a short period of time.

The Top 5 Ways to Generate Digital Signage ROI for Hotels and Conference Centers.

Here are some key elements to evaluate when looking at the ROI your digital signage might provide:

1. Revenue from promoting in-house amenities

Endemic advertising promotes the amenities owned by your business at your facility, like the spa, bar or restaurants. Your facility benefits from having amenities that will appeal to your audience, at the right time and in the right place, and digital signage makes sure your guests really know what you have to offer!

Digital signage can make a huge impact on sales relative to cost. Digital signage can also be very time-targeted, allowing facilities to promote (for instance) happy hour to conference attendees as they end a day’s meetings, or promote breakfast to guests as they leave their rooms in the morning. Digital signage has an awareness rate higher than almost any other form of advertising (the result of minimal competition, uniqueness and location) at around 70% viewership. Digital signage therefore presents a wonderful way to ensure your amenities are strongly promoted, leading to improved revenue.

2. Revenue from promoting outside businesses

Non-endemic advertising creates revenue by promoting other businesses (outside your facility) to your customers. Revenue is generated by selling advertising time on your digital signage. Venue digital signage is incredibly valuable because hotels capture a specific audience in a specific circumstance – a very targeted demographic, ready to spend money. Here are some reasons your audience is so valuable:

  • Reach – Digital signage in your facility can target a specific audience. For example, hotel guests generally have no option but to eat out while travelling, and their starting point is your hotel.
  • Relevance – Because you draw a particular kind of guest, you can narrow in your content to suit your guests. You can promote dining facilities that provide the types of food and level of quality appropriate for your guests.
  • Impact – You can reach your guests at the right time, when they are inclined to buy.

As a result of these factors, your audience will be very valuable to the right advertiser. A single hotel also has the benefit of being close to the advertisers it promotes. There is huge opportunity to sell advertising to a restaurant across the road from your facility.
You provide access to the right people, at the right time, in the right location, and digital signage can leverage this audience to generate your facility significant revenue.

3. Reduction in overhead – F&B staff spending time on meeting room updates

Many facilities struggle with the task of keeping meeting room boards up-to-date and looking good. The process can be a time-intensive, laborious chore that is also prone to failure. Digital signage on room boards reduces staff overhead and production costs tied to printing signage on paper. Digital Signage can be integrated into event management systems, to ensure all boards are updated accurately and on time. Digital Room boards can also serve as another medium for the above advertising-related revenue streams.

4. Reduce cost of front desk and concierge services

The cost of guest services at hotels and conference centers is significant. Helping guests find their meeting rooms or exhibit halls is time-intensive, distracting and often not very helpful for guests. Digital wayfinding can overcome these challenges by providing clear, real-time directions to meeting locations. In addition to wayfinding, interactive concierge boards can be used to highlight local attractions (and directions), local weather forecastsflight information and printable boarding passes. Not only do these features improve the customer experience, they significantly reduce staff overhead.

5. Increased group meeting and events revenue

How impressive is your meeting and event space? Digital signage instantly projects a level of sophistication and quality that directly affects the short-term and longer term impression customers have of your hotel. Digital signage not only improves the guest experience, it allows your sales team to present your hotel as modern and technologically ready for any group. Simply put, digital signage is a must for any modern meeting area.

The range of revenue generating and overhead reducing uses for digital signage means that investment costs can frequently be recouped in 12 months or less, while a digital signage system itself will last 4-8 years. Digital signage therefore represents a revenue stream that requires little maintenance and that can be tuned to the needs of your specific business.

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