How VA Center Digital Signage improves efficiency and effectiveness.

How VA Digital Signage and Digital Wayfinding Improve VA Center Efficiency and Effectiveness.


By Matt Gorden
Senior Designer
US Army Veteran

VA Digital signage enhances the overall VA Center experience for the current and returning Veterans of our Armed Services. The Veteran’s Affairs system is a service lacking funding and human resources. VA Digital signage provides automated, cost-effective solutions to improve the quality and speed of the Veteran’s visit to the VA, while also reducing the service overhead incurred by the VA Center.


gallery-VA-LutzVA centers range in size from a single building to complex campuses that cover large amounts of real estate. Finding the correct location for an appointment can be challenging. Additionally, many of our VA centers are under constant renovation and improvement projects that make navigation that much more difficult. Interactive wayfinding maps provide veterans with a clear path to their destination within the VA Center. The directions provided by the Interactive touchscreen can then be transferred to the user’s mobile phone and taken with them for reference.

The benefits of interactive wayfinding include a reduction in late or cancelled appointments, a reduction in labor (without ample wayfinding, patients rely on staff for direction, often asking multiple employees for directions along the way) and an improved overall experience for the Veteran.

Directories and Events

Veterans attend VA Centers for a range of services. Building or Campus Directories in VA Centers list the staff or physicians located on the campus and provide details on their location and services. Digital directories have the advantage over traditional directory signage of being easily updated at any time, or on a custom schedule. Digital directories are capable of rotating through and showing several pages of information at any time. For VA centers, being able to update directories in real time (when staff may occupy more than one location in any given day as they move from department to department in the facility) ensures that Veterans are given accurate information, when they need it.

VA Centers constantly run events, information sessions and training for Veterans. A digital signage network including room-specific digital information signs makes it much easier to tell Veterans which room is holding their event.


The digital signage network comes together to create a versatile and engaging communications system, which can serve a wealth of important functions.

Digital signage has the key advantage of being able to perform a number of different tasks, on a schedule defined by the VA Center. The signage can highlight events, promote specific services, encourage volunteer activity or advertise community programs. This same advertising ability can be used as a revenue generator, by selling space to business advertisers interested in reaching your personnel.

In the case of an emergency, the digital network can be a critical part of the VA Center’s front-line emergency strategy. Digital Signage provides a wide-coverage alert system, while wayfinding helps visitors make their way to safety.

Digital signage benefits all stake holders in a VA Center. For the VA Center the system reduces the workload of staff, and can potentially reduce personnel overhead. A digital signage system creates efficiency and quicker customer turn-around times. These results lead to an improvement in performance metrics across the facility and a significantly improved perception of the facility with staff and Veterans alike. Most importantly, digital signage helps provide a better, faster and less stressful experience for our Veterans.

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