Weather & Time

Rain boots or swimsuits?
Let your guests know early with weather and time on a JANUS Displays digital signage system. Whether you prefer a one, three or five day forecast, input any zip code to view current temperatures and weather conditions at any property location or destination.

Rain boots or swimsuits?
Let your guests know before they get outside by displaying weather and time information on a JANUS Displays digital signage solution. Whether your guests and/or visitors prefer a one-, three-, or five-day forecast, they easily can input any ZIP code to see current temperature and weather conditions at your property location or where they're going.


JANUS Displays Event Directory with Weather & Time JANUS Displays Event Directory with Weather & Time

A flood of great opportunities

A JANUS Displays digital signage solution can help you plan around an unexpected thunderstorm or a warm front in the middle of winter. Know if you should move an event indoors, or open the tiki bar outside for happy hour.

Does the forecast call for rain or snow? Do guests have time for a quick bite to eat? Recommend a warm place to pass the time, or encourage them to grab a sandwich on their way out.

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Solutions that work together
Does your digital display offer event listings or wayfinding? Increase the benefits of both with the JANUS Displays weather and time solution.

Working with wayfinding

Wayfinding will help get your guests where they need to go, but what if your guests need to get from the north side of the property to the south side of the property, and they either can take a route indoors or walk outdoors through your garden and/or pool area? Making information about weather and time easily available helps your guests get where they're going on time and also makes sure they're not caught in the rain on their way.

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More effective events

Time and weather on a digital signage display make planning for events a breeze. Display the time and events on your room boards to make sure guests are at the right place, at the right time. Integrate time and weather throughout your entire digital signage solution to help your guests better plan their days.

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Does time work for you?

Does your guest need to know the time? Direct your guests to your digital display and seize the opportunity. Show them the new menu items on the dinner menu or the new hospital wing that was recently built. Your employees can recommend where your guests should eat or visit, and direct them where they need to go, but making the information available via digital display means your guests don't have to spend time tracking down someone to give them the information. JANUS Displays digital signage may seem like a simple communication solution, but it is not one you can do without.

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Weather and time solution works for any industry

Weather and time on a digital display is the perfect solution for any building or business.

Ideal for lobbies, main entrances, and high traffic areas.
Healthcare Solutions
Show weather, time, and event information so visitors can coordinate their itineraries.
Hospitality Solutions
Perfect for students, staff, and visitors planning their day.
Educational Solutions
Military Bases
Keep the troops on schedule and on time.
Military Solutions

Select a product

JANUS Displays is designed to engage, inform, and delight users. We recommend these products for Weather & Time and more.

In-room Communications
Connect with your guest TV channel network to push digital signage content to TVs in guest rooms and employee common areas.
Interactive Touchscreens
Inform and communicate through graphics and animations that will capture attention and enhance your décor or brand.
Digital Displays
Deliver information, engage your audience, and communicate messages through dynamic multimedia.
Room Boards
Just sync the JANUS Displays Vizia software with your event management system and the continual updating process takes care of the rest.
Video Walls
Show video art, animated video advertisements, 3D content, television programming, event listings, and more!
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