Help them find their way.
Confidently guide your visitors and guests through your property with JANUS Displays digital signage mapping and wayfinding. Show start and end points, draw the path, and provide directions. Send the directions to phones using email or an interactive mobile solution!

Help them find their way.
Confidently guide visitors and guests through your property with JANUS Displays digital signage mapping and wayfinding. Show start and end points, and provide information on/directions for getting from where they are to where they're going. Make it possible for them to send directions to their phones using e-mail or our interactive mobile solution!


Wayfinding makes life easy for customers

Our mapping solutions directs your visitors in daily routines, emergency situations, special events, and more. Our wayfinding solutions include multiple interactive, dynamic, and/or static mapping solutions. Integrate mapping with your current event interface and set up maps to show where important meetings and events are being held.

Be a destination hub

Wayfinding for Hyatt Regency Gran Cypress Interactive Concierge Board Bing Attractions by JANUS Displays

Utilize the JANUS Displays “Local Attractions” feature and include information about recommended restaurants, entertainment options, and more! Powered by Bing® mapping, guests can search for an off-site location and see a map with directions to the place of interest.

Effective mapping options designed to “Wow”

Provide us with a basic floor plan of your building, and the JANUS Displays design team will create a three-dimensional wayfinding solution that fits your property's needs.

Interactive Wayfinding Adds Step-By-Step Directions and Dynamic Paths

Interactive mapping
The interactive touch screen mapping system allows visitors to take a “virtual tour” of your facility with the touch of a fingertip. Upon selecting an event, location, or room number, a personalized map directs guests to their destinations. Interactive mapping is an available option when choosing your total solutions package.

JANUS Displays Interactive Wayfinding Station

Interactive wayfinding station
When your digital signage needs call for only wayfinding, a digital mapping kiosk built specifically to lead and guide visitors is the perfect solution. Designed as the only JANUS Displays board to offer strictly wayfinding and mapping, an Interactive Wayfinding Station is perfect for larger properties that have more than one level.

Dynamic Wayfinding Integrates with Events on your Digital Signage Network

Dynamic mapping
This indoor mapping system highlights a specific meeting space, room, or office location, to correspond with the directory listing that is displayed on screen, enabling visitors to easily identify where they are headed.

Static Wayfinding Displays Help Visitors Find Their Way With 3D Rendered Maps.

Static mapping
Perfect for the budget-conscious facility seeking to add an element of design and order to their location, we design these attention-grabbing, 3D-rendered maps to fit your environment or brand standards and help visitors reach their destinations.

JANUS Displays Digital Signage with Interactive Wayfinding JANUS Displays Digital Signage with Interactive Wayfinding

Mapping made simple

Our mapping options guide your visitors to where they need to go, via the most direct path. Incorporate our optional printer feature or mobile solution into your display, and let your guests take your property map with them where they need to go!

Keep your information on-site. Providing a comprehensive mapping solution to guests attempting to quickly navigate your building can help decrease employee and visitor stress levels and improve customer satisfaction.

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Digital directions for any industry

Interior or exterior wayfinding is the perfect solution for any building or business.

Ideal for lobbies and main entrances to direct visitors and staff.
Healthcare Solutions
Fits perfectly in lobbies, and grabs attention near entrances.
Hospitality Solutions
Guide visitors, staff, and students to classrooms, bookstores, athletic fields, and more!
Educational Solutions
Military Bases
Interior and exterior maps are perfect for larger military properties.
Military Solutions

Select a product

JANUS Displays is designed to engage, inform, and delight users. We recommend these products for Wayfinding and more.

Interactive Touchscreens
Inform and communicate through graphics and animations that will capture attention and enhance your décor or brand.
Digital Displays
Deliver information, engage your audience, and communicate messages through dynamic multimedia.
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