Need a digital bulletin board?
Move past dated, passive announcements, and forward to an engaging, interactive media experience. JANUS Displays digital signage can take the place of traditional bulletin board announcements and paper fliers, and provide a quick and easy way to display announcements, news and information.

Need a digital bulletin board?
JANUS Displays digital signage can replace traditional bulletin board announcements and paper fliers, and provide a better way to display announcements, news, and information.


JANUS Displays Digital Signage Anouncement Board Corporate announcement on JANUS Displays

Messages will be read. (Often.)

Use JANUS Displays digital signage in an employee lounge, back office, and/or other high-traffic area to communicate important messages. Display events, community news, sales numbers, birthdays, or other important announcements. Create the message on your computer, schedule it, and you’re all set!

One digital signage system, many messages Strengthen your communication efforts and give your announcements a voice of their own.

JANUS Displays announcement options are a fun and fresh solution to traditional interpersonal communication. Control what information is seen, when it’s seen, and who sees it. Schedule different messages to different displays, so staff and visitors only receive information pertinent to them.

The advantages of moving your announcements
to a digital display:

  • Display announcements, news, and information on any screen.
  • Easily and quickly revise an existing announcement or add a new one.
  • Specify how long to display an announcement.
  • Expire announcements automatically when they are no longer relevant.
  • Control when (e.g., time and day) to display an announcement.
  • Schedule announcements to different displays, allowing information to reach the appropriate audience.
  • Use animation, video, or plain text for your messages and announcements.
JANUS Displays Announcement Board with Multiple announcement layout, and weather & time feature. Multiple announcement layout, with the weather & time feature.

Digital announcements for any industry

A digital announcement bulletin board is the perfect solution to ensure effective communication via a digital signage network.

Keep staff informed of new policies and continued education offerings.
Healthcare Solutions
Communicate to staff and guests.
Hospitality Solutions
Communicate campus news to students, staff, and visitors.
Educational Solutions
Military Bases
Optimal tool for military personnel and visitors.
Military Solutions

Select a product

JANUS Displays is designed to engage, inform, and delight users. We recommend these products for Announcements and more.

In-room Communications
Connect with your guest TV channel network to push digital signage content to TVs in guest rooms and employee common areas.
Interactive Touchscreens
Inform and communicate through graphics and animations that will capture attention and enhance your décor or brand.
Digital Displays
Deliver information, engage your audience, and communicate messages through dynamic multimedia.
Room Boards
Just sync the JANUS Displays Vizia software with your event management system and the continual updating process takes care of the rest.
Video Walls
Show video art, animated video advertisements, 3D content, television programming, event listings, and more!
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