Digital Signage Advertising

Put your message where the money is
and drive revenue by driving traffic.

Use your digital signage system to work hard on your ROI by charging local restaurants, shops, and attractions for the traffic you send their way.

Put your message where the money is and drive revenue by driving traffic.
Let local restaurants, shops, and attractions advertise via your digital signage solution, and increase your ROI.


ROI made easy
with digital signage advertising

Discover how to increase the ROI on your digital signage solution by making available access to digital signage advertising. Create another income stream by charging off-site restaurants and stores for advertising space. Do you need a way to drive traffic to on-site amenities? Use digital signage advertising to showcase dining specials for your restaurants, boost ticket sales for shows, highlight sales in your shops, and more!

Restaurant advertising on a digital signage advertising display

The power over paper

Lose paper ads and find an easier way to profit. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what your digital signage advertising can say with full motion video and animation. Show multiple rotating ads, show a few ads at the same time, schedule ads to rotate in a slide show window, or play full screen ads back-to-back.


Restaurant advertising on a digital signage advertising display
Advertise local partners on your digital signage system to increase your ROI. Restaurant advertising on a digital signage advertising display

Let your digital signage
pay for itself

Integrate the JANUS Displays “Local Attractions” feature, and give users points of recommended interest for restaurants, entertainment, attractions, and more. Powered by Bing® mapping, guests who click on “Local Attractions” receive a list of preset destinations. As an added incentive for advertisers, offer to list their businesses in the top search results, giving them more visibility and traffic, and your business more ROI.

Top 5 Ways to Generate Hotel Digital Signage ROI for Hotels and Conference Centers.

Elevate preferred advertisers to the top of your search result listings and make the most of your digital signage advertising.

Successful advertising for any industry

Increase sales at on-site restaurants and amenities and/or add another stream of revenue.

Raise awareness for local charities and/or outreach programs.
Healthcare Solutions
Generate revenue at on-site restaurants and/or amenities and charge for off-site advertisers.
Hospitality Solutions
Create buzz for home sporting events, a campus bookstore, and more.
Educational Solutions
Military Bases
Provide advertising opportunities to off-base establishments offering military merchandise and mementos.
Military Solutions

Select a product

JANUS Displays is designed to engage, inform, and delight users. We recommend these products for Digital Signage Advertising and more.

In-room Communications
Connect with your guest TV channel network to push digital signage content to TVs in guest rooms and employee common areas.
Interactive Touchscreens
Inform and communicate through graphics and animations that will capture attention and enhance your décor or brand.
Digital Displays
Deliver information, engage your audience, and communicate messages through dynamic multimedia.
Room Boards
Just sync the JANUS Displays Vizia software with your event management system and the continual updating process takes care of the rest.
Video Walls
Show video art, animated video advertisements, 3D content, television programming, event listings, and more!
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