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Reflecting on the JANUS Displays Experience at HITEC 2018

Look up. That’s what I would have told you had you been in Houston with me last week. Look up and see how the city incorporates artwork into its buildings, light poles, sidewalks, and public spaces. Look up as you walk toward and then into the George R. Brown Convention Center, where HITEC 2018 took place, and take in the world around you. Look up and be inspired by quotes pulled from celebrities, musicians, artists, and everyday people in Houston like Bella, a fourth-grade student in Houston who summed up the core of our business: Making Plain Walls Beautiful.

Look up — or, rather, look us up — and you’ll find a history that stretches back (at the time I’m writing this) nearly 34 years. And in that time we’ve made plain walls beautiful around the world, be it the walls of four- and five-diamond or boutique hotels, or the walls of convention centers, universities, and health care facilities. We bring to life property maps, making available step-by-step directions to get someone from point A to point B. We design, develop, and deploy custom content that not only adheres to brand standards but also allows individual property’s to include a bit of their own personalities. We suggest frames that not only match a property’s decor but also that complement the curated content. Beautiful is not something to which we aspire; beautiful is what we do and who we are everyday. 

We say that innovation is in our DNA, and it truly is. We announced and released at HITEC our on-site real-time system health monitoring software, Guardian. We also demonstrated how, thanks to our triggering feature, you can interrupt previously scheduled content with one click. And when you’re ready to return to your previously scheduled presentation, one click does that as well. 

If you were on site and didn’t make it to our booth, you likely heard about it. We incorporated three living walls into our booth. These living walls, made from moss and several types of Houston-native plants, are in line with the types of living walls some of our customers have incorporated into their common areas. Though we hadn’t tried it until we developed our HITEC booth plan, turns out you can hang digital signage on living walls. Pair a frame that works well with the content as well as with the greenery, and you have a unique solution that is as environmentally friendly as it is essential for improving a guest’s overall experience. 

Making plain walls beautiful — that’s our underlying mission. We make it possible for your guests to look up and see functional art, for them to touch one button and see how to navigate your property, and for them to touch another button and get information about area attractions, restaurants, shopping areas, and more. Look up while you’re walking through Houston and be dazzled by the city’s efforts to make public spaces beautiful. Look up in a property that has a JANUS system and see for yourself how dazzling digital signage can be.


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