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The VIZIA Administrator can create new content or manage existing content from any desktop.
VIZIA's What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Digital Signage Content manager makes everyone a pro.
VIZIA Digital Signage content can then be published to any station on the network.

Digital Signage Software - Vizia

Digital Signage Software VIZIA user JANUS Displays

Create or manage content from any desktop.

VIZIA is our industry-leading digital signage content management software. VIZIA gives you complete control of your event scheduling, and lets you add pictures, video, text, and more, from anywhere in the world.

VIZIA’s What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get user interface is easy to use, regardless of your or your team's experience.

Our professional design team will work with you to develop design foundations, then we will teach your team how to use your design templates.

Digital-Signage-Software-content-example-Grand-Hyatt-Denver-JANUS-DisplaysOur Vizia digital signage software is more than a design program. Schedule content, edit your presentation schedule, determine scheduling conflicts, view your displays, and more -- all without leaving your desk.

Are you considering using your digital displays for event directories? VIZIA interfaces with several function book programs to create a system that automatically updates each screen on your network -- which lets you do away with printing and posting signs every day.

VIZIA Digital Signage Software

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VIZIA will turn your Digital Signage Network into a versatile communication tool. Use your digital display system for:


Custom maps ensure visitors and guests easily find their desired location. Using your digital signage solution as a wayfinding tool reduces staff interruptions and increases operational efficiency.

Event Directories:

Display your daily event schedule on your digital reader board. Use the JANUS Event Interface to create a system that seamlessly updates when you make a change in your event management system.

Meeting Room Boards:

Digital displays outside of each meeting room dynamically update with meeting room information. JANUS VIZIA dynamically incorporates corporate logos, and displays upcoming events, the time, weather, and more types of information!

Personnel Directories:

Use your digital signage network as a personnel directory to help visitors easily locate their appointments. Digital signage is the perfect solution for a healthcare facility's physician directory. Corporate offices, university campuses, and other locations with complex location layouts also will benefit from using digital directories. Our signage software, VIZIA, updates your directories each time you make a change in your event management system.

Building Directories:

Maintaining a building directory has never been easier. Change tenant or department names in VIZIA and instantly push the changed content out to the displays. Our digital signage software eliminates days of waiting for proofs and printing to update your directory.

Donor Boards:

Use Interactive touch screens or a digital display to recognize and say thank you to community members whose generosity helps you continue your work. Digital donor boards eliminate the cost and time associated with printing traditional donor plaques and allow you to thank your donors faster than ever before.

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Digital Signage Software

VIZIA is JANUS Displays’ revolutionary digital signage content creation and management software, designed to cater to both novice and advanced users.

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Content Services

Custom mapping and ads designed by the JANUS creative team will turn your digital signage network into a wayfinding and revenue generating communication tool.

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Technical Support

JANUS is the only digital signage company to provide technical support, for both your hardware and software, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make just one call to reach a helpful technician.

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Recipient of DSA 2012 Crown Award - Click here to learn more. Recipient of DSA 2012 Crown Award - Click here to learn more.

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