Concierge Board - Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage Kiosk

Concierge Board

Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel Digital Signage - Concierge Board by JANUS Displays

Give your guests the information they need from a single interactive display. The JANUS Concierge Board is an interactive touch screen that provides virtual concierge services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Endless Possibilities

The JANUS Concierge Board has endless possibilities. Allow us to design your property's Concierge Board. We make multiple layout options, including a grid layout, available. The JANUS Displays Concierge Board allows you to easily provide important concierge services around the clock.

Flight Info & Boarding Pass Stations

Digital Signage Display with Live Flight Data, Weather and Image Slideshow

Current flight information and worry-free check-in options are key solutions in your digital signage system. The JANUS Boarding Pass Solution is the perfect addition to your concierge board. Guests can check flight statuses, check-in, and print their boarding passes all on one secure, PCI-compliant system.

Increase guest satisfaction and generate revenue by providing your guests with flight information. Invite travel-delayed guests to pass the time in your restaurant instead of in uncomfortable airport chairs.

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Interactive Weather Information

Don't just give guests the current weather forecast. The JANUS Concierge Board Weather feature lets users input and view weather information about any area, simply by inputting a ZIP Code. Available weather information includes temperature, weather conditions, and one-, three-, and five-day forecasts.

JANUS Displays digital signage solutions can help you plan around an unexpected thunderstorm or a warm front in the middle of winter.

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Use Wayfinding To Lead Them In The Right Direction

Dynamic Wayfinding Integrates with Events on your Digital Signage Network

Give your guests a self-service option to discover the best local restaurant, place(s) to shop, and/or where to go at night. Using a Bing© Map Interface, guests can find information about up to 30 locations that you choose. Directions to each location can be printed or e-mailed to a guest's smartphone. Sell placement on these lists to area businesses and increase your ROI.

Add OpenTable to your concierge board and increase your concierge staff's operational efficiency. Does your concierge get backed up every evening with guests asking for assistance with dinner reservations? Provide guests with easy access to OpenTable so they can search for restaurants and make reservations.

Link your JANUS Concierge Board to a local traffic or metro map to provide guests with transportation information, and help them navigate the city.

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Events For Digital Signage

Add an event interface to your concierge board to provide guests with an interactive listing of the day's events. Searchable by group or event name, the event listing function informs guests of meeting rooms and provides additional information. Link your event listing to an interactive property map to guarantee that guests find their meeting space without having to ask for directions.

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Advertise With Your Concierge Board


Lose the paper ads and find an easier way to profit. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what your digital advertising can say with full motion video and animation. Use your virtual concierge to promote in-house amenities or sell ad space to local businesses and generate revenue with your JANUS Concierge Board.

Top 5 Ways to Generate Hotel Digital Signage ROI for Hotels and Conference Centers.

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