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Concierge Board Mobile Application

Ever wanted to access your property’s concierge board on the go? Now you can! JANUS Displays offers one of the most convenient, tech-savvy, and ingenious tools on the market – the JANUS Concierge Board Mobile Application!

With the JANUS Concierge Board Mobile Application, you can upload the contents of your property’s concierge board to a mobile device, and then change the content from anywhere. This ability helps you optimize your digital signage network and enhances guest and/or visitor experience. 

Perfect for event planners or meeting coordinators, the JANUS Concierge Board Mobile Application promotes efficiency, decreases stress levels, and keeps your meeting planners ahead of the game. Once concierge board content is synchronized to a mobile device, you can access and change the content, and then push it live. Your meeting planners will love having updated event schedules, interactive maps, current flight information, and many other features, in the palm of their hand!

Mobile Concierge BoardWith the JANUS Concierge Board Mobile Application, you can:

If you own a digital signage network, the JANUS Concierge Board Mobile Application shouldn’t be an option – it’s a must! Invest in the Concierge Board Mobile Application from JANUS Displays today, and watch your meeting and conference space reach capacity, and your property’s satisfaction scores soar!

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