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Menu Touch Screens

With an abundance of features, the JANUS Menu Touch Screen provides added value to any property through the simple, convenient and quick transfer of information.

The innovative interface of the JANUS Menu Touch Screen further enhances the extensive line of digital signage products we provide. The easy-to-use, interactive digital display system allows clients to promote on-site dining options, in a matter of seconds.

Visitors will never want to leave your property once they interact with your digital display system. Encourage guests to browse through selections of on-site dining options and menu items, check out daily specials, prepare for weather conditions, watch videos, and so much more, at the touch of a fingertip.

Outdated information can be harmful to the success of your property. With the JANUS Menu Touch Screen Editor, you can quickly update your system and get the message out to your guests. Offering a new daily special at your property’s hot spot? No problem. Simply login and watch as you create instant updates to your interactive digital display.

A few of the benefits associated with the JANUS Menu Touch Screen are:

  • Quick and easy navigation, producing optimal results.
  • Customized and personalized content to fit special and unique needs.
  • Fun and interactive solutions for the transformation of information.
  • Generates revenue for your property.
  • Technologically advanced and cost effective product.

    With the JANUS Menu Touch Screen, the possibilities are endless! Enlist the help of our creative team to design content for your digital signage network, entice guests and contribute to the overall success of your property’s profitability.

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