Marriott Digital Signage Solutions by JANUS Displays

Marriott Digital Signage Solutions

We’re Experts in Marriott Digital Signage

JANUS Displays provides a consultative approach to Marriott digital signage solutions. We understand your requirements, and we tailor your solution to include everything from screens to controllers and even framing. Plus, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy a smooth digital signage implementation. We treat our customers the same way you treat yours, which has allowed JANUS Displays to become a trusted Marriott digital signage partner for hundreds of Marriott hotels worldwide.

Digital Concierge Boards

The JANUS Displays Concierge Board keeps your guests informed of events and services at your property, and engaged with the amenities you provide. The concierge board helps customers efficiently navigate their stay and ensures that your hotel maximizes revenue.

We will build your JANUS Concierge Board to fit your unique needs, and the Concierge Board will use a Marriott-approved design, or we can tailor it to fit your unique hotel interior design.

Concierge Board features:

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Events Directory and Room Boards

Your JANUS Displays digital signage system interfaces with your event management software to ensure your property always displays relevant and current information. The system will automatically update your digital display network when you make changes. JANUS can supply central directories, room boards and the software you need to run your digital system.
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Every hotel has their own specific goals and needs. We will work with you to design an effective solution, and will provide all the elements you need to successfully roll out your solution, including hardware, software, enclosures, peripherals, content design, and ongoing support.

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ISAC and CI/TY Integrated

JANUS Displays software interfaces with the following event management systems:

  • CI/TY
  • Daylight
  • Delphi
  • Envision
  • Hotel Sales Pro
  • NetSimplicity
  • Opera
  • Outlook
  • Visual One
  • Target Net



For a more extensive review of our creative content CLICK HERE. To see examples of our display installations CLICK HERE.

A Partner you Can Trust

JANUS Displays works with Marriott at the Corporate level to bring you the ingredients for a successful digital signage network that will deliver results and happy customers. We work with you through the entire process – from formulating an effective solution and selecting design and functional elements, to installing your network and making sure your solution maintains the exceptional standards Marriott hotels demand.

If you have questions, we can discuss the most suitible way to explore your options.

Digital Signage Software

VIZIA is JANUS Displays’ revolutionary digital signage content creation and management software, designed to cater to both novice and advanced users.

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Content Services

Custom mapping and ads designed by the JANUS creative team will turn your digital signage network into a wayfinding and revenue generating communication tool.

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Technical Support

JANUS is the only digital signage company to provide technical support, for both your hardware and software, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make just one call to reach a helpful technician.

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