Healthcare Digital Signage Solutions by JANUS Displays

Healthcare Digital Signage

Improve customer experience, relieve the burden on staff, and promote your facility amenities through your easy to maintain digital signage network throughout your facility.


Healthcare Digital Signage

Keep visitors informed with a healthcare digital signage network created by JANUS Displays. Whether you are seeking to provide interactive maps, important facility updates, physician directories, event directories or class directories, or cafeteria menus to visitors, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of products to fit the needs of your facility.

Interactive Wayfinding

Corporate Digital Signage by JANUS Displays

Interactive Wayfinding Facility Map for Healthcare

Digital interactive wayfinding directs visitors and provides clear instruction on how to reach destinations within your facility, be it a single building or complex campus.

Digital signage provides automated, cost-effective solutions to improve the quality and speed of the visit, while also reducing the service overhead incurred by the hospital or healthcare center. The benefits of interactive wayfinding include a reduction in late or cancelled appointments, a reduction in labor, fewer distraction-related errors and interruptions of staff, and an improved overall experience.

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Facility Directory

Northeast Georgia Health System Directory by JANUS Displays

Improve the experience of your patients and visitors with a full facility directory. Use it to not only promote upcoming events, but also facility amenities with their hours and details listed, local destinations, and even a preview of the cafeteria menu. Mange from one central location within your facility with an integrated, easy to update content management system. Sell advertising space to local businesses, display your donors, and announce advances and upgrades that will benefit your patients. If your facility hosts clinician lectures, events, fundraisers, support groups, or informational sessions, a JANUS event directory, partnered with room boards outside of your meeting rooms, will increase ease of attendance. Guide people in the correct direction, so they reach their destination on time and get the important information they need. In case of emergency, turn your digital signage network into an emergency broadcasting system, using any of the pre-designed templates or your own message.

VIZIA Digital Signage Software

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Physician Directory

Healthcare Digital Signage by JANUS Displays

Physician Directory for Healthcare Digital Signage

JANUS Displays unique physician directories provide convenience and structure to visitors and patients entering your building. Our unique healthcare digital signage wayfinding tools eliminate confusion. An interactive interface allows the directory to be searchable and include personalized information such as photos, education, and medical specialties for each staff member listed.

As an added benefit, the JANUS Flex directory management system enables you to make edits to your physician directory at a moment’s notice, ensuring patients find the correct location, every time.

Donor Recognition Boards

Interactive Digital Donor Board by JANUS Displays

Interactive Digital Donor Board by JANUS Displays

Fund-raising is a critical activity to ensure that your facility is able to continue beneficial community work. Use a custom donor recognition board by JANUS to extend a special “thank you” to those who have helped your facility grow and thrive. Digital donor recognition boards eliminate the cost and time associated with printing traditional donor plaques.

Digital donor boards are customizable to include photos, bios, and even videos of your donors. Increase their visibility and highlight specific contributors with special messages and announcements on your donor board.

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Digital Menu Boards

Premier Health Upper Valley Medical Center Digital Menu by JANUS Displays

Premier Health Upper Valley Medical Center Menu by JANUS Displays

Medical facilities typically experience high volumes of traffic to their cafeterias on a daily basis. Use digital signage to display cafeteria menus to staff members and visitors, and eliminate the printing process that is necessary whenever an update is made to your dining menu. You have the ability to make changes as frequently as you’d like, utilizing our easy-to-use software, VIZIA. With just a simple click of a mouse, update pricing, offerings, and specials as quickly as they run out.

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Digital Signage Software

VIZIA is JANUS Displays’ revolutionary digital signage content creation and management software, designed to cater to both novice and advanced users.

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Content Services

Custom mapping and ads designed by the JANUS creative team will turn your digital signage network into a wayfinding and revenue generating communication tool.

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JANUS is the only digital signage company to provide technical support, for both your hardware and software, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make just one call to reach a helpful technician.

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