Digital Signage Network : On-premise or Cloud-based deployment

Cloud-Based and On-Premises Digital Signage Solutions

Will your facility benefit most from deploying a cloud-based or on-premises digital signage solution?



We work with you to find the right digital signage solution for your business. When designing your solution, we consider the size of your network, the location of the digital signage in your facility, the design and security requirements of your existing network, your IT support infrastructure, and the location of your digital signage content administrators.

Deploying on-premises digital signage software gives you access and control. Cloud-based solutions reduce the demand on your network infrastructure and support. We’ve developed solutions that provide what matters most to you. We work with you to tailor your entire digital signage solution to your needs.

On-Premises Digital Signage Network

On-premises solutions rely less on outside services (i.e., hosting, internet providers) and generally give you more control over your system. On-premises systems remain popular with most of our clients — you do not incur annual cloud storage hosting fees, and your software leasing is not tied to an annual license fee. Once you buy an on-premises JANUS Displays digital signage solution, you own it, and you won’t have to keep paying for your system every month for the life of the system. Additionally, an on-premises system will run, even if your facility faces internet connectivity issues or other external forces that might affect data transmission via the web.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Network

By eliminating a local server and storing all content elements in the cloud, a cloud-based digital signage solution requires less maintenance. Our cloud-based service exists outside your internal secure business network and requires a reliable web connection to function. JANUS Displays uses Microsoft Azure cloud service, a highly regarded, secure storage environment. JANUS maintains hosting as part of your annual cloud-based service fee. A cloud-based system is easier to service and maintain for some clients, because it lives in its own secure environment, outside the client’s local area or corporate network. Our cloud service hosts your digital signage content and server in the cloud, which reduces your IT infrastructure needs and lets you easily add content managers at any time, and in any location.

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We aim to provide the best digital signage solution for your needs, and look forward to discussing your options with you. We’ll work with you to evaluate what is important, and then provide the system design, hardware, software, enclosures, installation, and support for your digital signage system – all from one trusted partner.

JANUS Displays provides on-premises and cloud-based digital signage solutions that best fit your organization’s and/or facility’s needs. Since 1984, we’ve worked with brands and businesses to create custom and tailored digital signage solutions in a number of technological environments. We’re just a call away at all times.

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