How Digital Signage Helps Military Facilities and Communities

How Digital Signage Helps Military Facilities and Communities

Ease PCS Stress with Enhanced Communication on Digital Signage

With the end of the year already on the horizon, many military families are starting to think ahead to getting their PCS orders. For long-time active duty service members, this can be an exciting time … and a hectic, even stressful, time. What neighborhoods are safe? Where will the kids go to school? What will the commute be like for non-military family members?

Indeed, military facilities are complex places, with large, transient populations. For the troops on base and their families, learning how to get around the base – as well as within the greater military community and the new area at large – requires a huge learning curve. No wonder PCS help guides include pages and pages of checklists and advice, all with dozens of points to consider.

How can your base make this transition easier, so that incoming troops can find their footing more quickly?

Have you considered digital signage? Digital signage from JANUS Displays can help you lessen the impact of learning both a new base and a new community, so that incoming personnel are better able to navigate through their busy days. This ease of access is the fundamental reason why the military were the earliest adopters of digital signage … and speaks to the important role signage continues to play at most military facilities.

Digital signage serves a few traditional roles on base. Signage can display maps and directions, upcoming events and office information, news and alerts, menus and commissary information, local attractions and community information, and so much more. Let’s break this down:

 Maps and Directions – Digital signage makes the job of finding destinations on a base much easier. Directory-style signage presents static maps so that viewers can see where they are in relation to the entire base. Interactive signage goes a step further and can provide step-by-step wayfinding to key destinations. Both signage types do a great job of directing traffic.

Upcoming Events and Directory Information – Digital signage can provide information on any type of event, such as training sessions, MWR POCs, FRG meetings, formal events like Military Balls, and so much more. As well, signage can function like a building directory to show office listings, office assignments, and can provide additional information on office-based personnel, like background information (this can be especially helpful at VAs where physicians’ short bios, photos and specialties can be included within the listing). Directory information is commonly paired with facility maps, which can be interactive to provide a personalized, specific map-path to the user’s intended destination.

News and Updates – Along with maps, bases have long used digital signage as advanced, large-scale bulletin boards. Classes, training and social events can be easily displayed and advertised across the whole base from one central point of management. This information can be updated on-the-fly and in real-time, or can be staged well in advance and scheduled to run at preset times on specified dates. This flexibility really sets digital signage apart from a traditional cork board. And when a display is powered by robust and user-friendly content management software like VIZIA, JANUS Displays’ flagship solution, the sky is truly the limit on what content bases can share with troops and when!

Alerts – In times of crisis, digital signage can serve an important role as part of an on-base emergency alert system. VIZIA includes the capability to share urgent information instantaneously to a wide audience. You can also integrate Installation Status and Installation Notifications via RSS feeds.

JANUS Displays Digital Menu for Military AFBMenus and Commissary Information – Digital signage delivers a fast, efficient way to show menus, and can easily and automatically switch between menus for each meal, which makes it an essential feature of the mess hall. Signage also provides a convenient way to promote commissary hours, along with other base amenities.

Recognition and Mission Statements – Reinforce a culture of discipline and honor by recognizing service members for excellence. Remember fallen soldiers. Highlight special examples of courage. Promote your Mission and Vision statements and instill pride in your military community. Digital signage gives you a blank canvas to connect with troops in unique ways while emphasizing the qualities that sets the US Military apart.

Local Attractions and Community Information – For relocating troops new to the area, having access to curated lists of local attractions and community guides can ease the pressure have having to find ‘a great dry-cleaner’, or ‘excellent BBQ’ or a ‘convenient farmer’s market’. The sooner new troops feel at home, the sooner they will return to normal productivity, and the easier their transition will be following PCS.

Now is the best time to consider deploying digital signage at your base. Very soon, PCS orders will go out to troops across the world. When troops relocate to your community, leverage digital signage from JANUS Displays to welcome them, guide them, and keep them informed. Digital signage networks can be used very effectively and with minimal effort to relay base messaging. Best of all, signage results in measurable improvements in troop and staff productivity; troops know where they are and where they need to go – no interruptions to play tour guide necessary!

On the revenue side, digital signage can even deliver ROI. Digital signage allows facilities to promote amenities, sell advertising, and bolster fundraising efforts. In many cases, the revenue generated over time through these activities can offset or even exceed the initial capital investment to implement a digital signage solution like JANUS Displays.

The bottom line: Because digital signage can do so many things at once, and can be updated in the blink of an eye, digital signage networks meet the call-of-duty mandate to serve their functional purpose day in and day out. Digital signage contributes to base efficiency, safety, and ROI. Signage also ensures that in times of transition, like PCS, troops are better able to get acclimated quickly. Now that’s a win-win-win!

For over 30 years, we’ve worked with the US Military. We are proud of our heritage as pioneers in on-base signage and communication systems. JANUS Displays’ digital signage and wayfinding can help you deliver a better on-base experience. We’re GSA-approved and we look forward to working with you to deploy digital signage at your base!

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