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Designing an eye-catching video wall. Is bigger better?

When it comes to digital signage, few things are as flashy or as eye-catching as a video wall. You can customize a video wall to include the number of screens that fit your available space. For example, video walls can be as small as two screens on top of each other or as large as, well, the sky is the limit really. While we favor displaying video walls that place three screens on top of three screens (which you may know as a 3×2 video wall – two rows of three screens) when we take video walls to trade shows and conferences, we have clients that have placed video walls that are four times (and more, in two cases) as big.

With 33 years of industry experience, we’ve seen video walls grow more and more popular, with a tipping point of sorts occurring in 2016, when hardware and installation costs became affordable (or at least more affordable compared to costs from even two years prior). Before 2016, you’d likely find video walls in large corporations or at high-end retailers, but since 2016, more clients than before began asking about and/or integrating video walls into their overall signage solutions – which means you’re as likely to be wowed by a video wall at an airport, hotel, or hospital, as you are an university campus, car dealership, or restaurant.

Because of this upward trend, we expect to see increased sales and deployment of video walls for the foreseeable future. Why such interest? Cost, as previously mentioned, plays a role, but so does the ability to “wow” your audience. You can’t deny that large video walls are impressive, and that video walls help consumers access media, advertising, and information in a fast(er) and overall more cost-effective way than traditional print media.

Creating a “wow factor” is exactly what JANUS Displays was asked to do at the SMG DeVos Convention Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The request was simple: Develop, design, and install a video wall in the convention center’s public entrances that would display information in an eye-catching way and also create an ongoing revenue stream for the property. The property could sell space on its video wall and provide information to guests, a real win-win. The resulting video wall did that and then some, ultimately working in tandem with other signage deployed at the property. The video wall component of the solution includes a long, wide 8×1 video wall (a single row of eight screens) above a walkway, and a 16 screen 4×4 video wall (four rows of four screens) in the main entrance.

That’s a lot of video wall – and, fortunately, the space was large enough to accommodate such a large solution.

Similarly, the JW Marriott Spa on Marco Island considered deploying a signage solution that did not include a video wall element, but after talking about what the property wanted to accomplish, we designed and installed a 2×2 video wall (two rows of two screens) that complements the spa and helps visitors get into a zen-like state. The video wall displays spa specials, events, and a photo gallery.

But despite the decreasing costs of integrating a video wall into your property – be it an existing or new digital signage solution – you must decide how large of a video wall to incorporate. Bigger isn’t always better, especially if you opt for a video wall that turns out to be too large to effectively work in your space. Video walls will make a lasting impression, but size shouldn’t be the only thing your customers remember about your video wall.

We help our clients develop a signage solution that best fits their properties – and also helps them accomplish their goals, such as letting guests map the best way to get to their final destination or displaying videos that play non-stop and give guests from the get-go an idea of what to expect during their stay or visit. Let us help you decide how video walls can help you accomplish your goals. Lean on our experience and guidance and integrate a video wall that fits your space, doesn’t bust your budget, and will accomplish your goals.

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