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About JANUS Displays

JANUS Displays provides solutions that inform and delight millions of people daily through thousands of its installed networks.

JANUS Displays long history of innovation has secured our place as leader in the Digital Signage industry for over 30 years.

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About Morrow Technologies

Since 1984, Morrow Technologies has been delivering innovative digital signage experiences. The flagship JANUS Displays product line is designed to inform and delight guests and visitors at hotels, hospitals, military bases, universities, casinos, and more. It offers management the ability to strengthen communication and engagement with guests through animated, interactive displays of event listings, wayfinding, local maps, weather, dining reservations, flight status / check in, menu boards, advertising, directories, emergency messaging, and more.

Our Innovation History

The JANUS Displays team at Morrow Technologies lives to push the boundaries of what Digital Signage can accomplish. We believe that encouraging this innovative culture throughout our company means being the first to bring new features and products to our customers.

The timeline below illustrates the growth of Morrow Technologies over the course of over 30 years. We have introduced revolutionary new products, software development, and historically changed the way people do business.

  • 1984

    Where it all began and took shape. Morrow Technologies set out to be the leader in innovation, changing the way several industries communicated with their customers.

    Morrow Technologies Corp. Co-Founded by Sharon Morrow (Current President).
    Began Designing & Manufacturing LED Displays & Circuit Boards (until 2007).
    Sold First Ever Hotel Display System to Gaylord
    Opryland Hotel.
    Designed & Advised for a Navy Radar Stabilization System.
  • 1985

    Providing quality technology to our customers makes our second year as Morrow Technologies a successful one.

    Developed a Shipboard Weapons Control System
    for the Navy.
  • 1987

    JANUS Displays is officially launched and is welcomed with open arms. Many of these first LED displays are still in use today.

    Launched JANUS Displays as an LED Product to the
    Hotel Market.
  • 1989

    Digital Signage needed its first event planner, and JANUS Displays was the first to deliver an integrated solution.

    Began Integration with Event Management Systems.
  • 1991

    JANUS Displays continues to make a name for itself in the digital signage industry.

    Developed the JANUS Event Management System.
    Launched JANUS Displays to the Military Market.
  • 1992

    New ideas take shape with Morrow engineers.

    Began Development of Spectrum Analyzer
    for Intercepting Radio Signals.
  • 1994

    Morrow Technologies expands its product portfolio.

    Released Spectrum Analyzer product to Military Market.
  • 2001

    JANUS Displays raises the bar with the latest and greatest hardware for digital signage.

    Added Plasma & LCD Displays to Product Portfolio.
    Began Assembling Media Controllers Using
    Off-the-Shelf Components.
  • 2004

    JANUS DISPLAYS introduces interactive digital signage to the Hospitality Industry.

    Installed First Touchscreen Displays at Hotels as Signage.
  • 2005

    It’s time to start growing and expanding, and Morrow Technologies doesn't just mean screen sizes.

    Expanded Corporate Headquarters to allow for growth.
    Began Detecting & Displaying Outside Weather.
  • 2006

    Recent success of JANUS Displays spurs strategic change in direction.

    Sold Spectrum Analyzer Product Line to Focus
    Entirely on JANUS Displays.
  • 2007

    Staying ahead with technology trends and
    customer desires.

    Began Using Non-Proprietary Media Controllers.
    Retired LED Display Product Line After 23 Great Years.
  • 2008

    Morrow Technologies Corp. continues developing features for JANUS Displays.

    Began Displaying Real-Time Weather Forecasts &
    Flight Data.
    Released OS-Agnostic Digital Display Solution.
  • 2009

    Constantly evolving and improving.

    Launched Digital Concierge Board to the Hotel Market.
    Released Local Attractions Feature (Integration with
    Bing Maps).
  • 2010

    When something is great, they make it better!

    Released First Flight Check-In Feature for Hotel
    Digital Signage.
    Released Event-Triggered Video Wall Application to Casino Market.
  • 2011

    Expectations for interactive experiences and advances in hardware technology combine to inspire additional product development.

    Released Mobile Interface for Concierge Board.
    Released Motion-Detecting Response Trigger for
    JANUS Displays.
  • 2012

    Morrow Technologies starts 2012 with an unrelenting desire to stay ahead of customer's needs by providing innovative products, services and processes.

  • 2015

    JANUS Displays Releases a range of new software solutions for wayfinding, directories and interactive.

    Vizia Next
    JANUS Wayfinder
    Screen Builder

The JANUS Difference

The JANUS One System, One Call philosophy provides clients with complete turnkey digital signage systems, making us the premier provider of digital signage networks. We know what works and what does not. We understand our customer’s needs, and we deliver.

JANUS Displays is the only provider of full-service total solutions, including software, hardware, enclosures, installation, custom software development and custom design services. The company reaches millions of people daily through its 15,000+ installed networks.
User-Friendly Software
VIZIA is our revolutionary digital signage content creation and management software, designed to cater to both novice and advanced users.
Reliable Hardware
We provide the highest quality displays and media players, designed to withstand wear and tear. Engineered to operate in 24/7 environments, and run through rigorous 100 hour QC checks.
Creative Content
We don’t just develop content, we create art! Build rich media content alongside the JANUS design team that will WOW your audience, which is not only informative, but also energized and fresh.
Custom Framing
Spectacular art deserves an exceptional frame. Create your own frame using our on-line interactive frame design tool, or brainstorm with our design team to create the perfect enclosure.
Dependable Technical Support
Utilizing our 24/7 technical support center, you can rest assured that your digital signage network will function properly. By supporting both hardware and software, in one call, we’re able to diagnose and resolve any issue.

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Recipient of DSA 2012 Crown Award - Click here to learn more. Recipient of DSA 2012 Crown Award - Click here to learn more.

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