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Captivate your audience with creative digital signage from our content services team that’s striking, informative and fun!

Dynamic Wayfinding Integrates with Events on your Digital Signage Network

No matter the size of your order, our creative services team will work one-on-one with you to develop content that fits your unique needs. Whether you have something specific in mind, and require a custom content package, or you choose our standard content package containing regularly updated template designs, we will develop a system that is guaranteed to wow your target audience.

Standard Digital Signage Content Services

Just because it’s “standard” doesn’t mean it’s not original.  At JANUS, we provide you with an assortment of slides, varying in color and layout. Our designers work with you to decide how to appropriately represent your location and brand. After researching your location and communicating with your staff, our creative team chooses from several hundred frequently updated slides, to customize a look for your company. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a digital signage system that captures attention and creates a cohesive look, utilizing your brand’s colors, logos, taglines and themes.

Additionally, our digital signage networks support features that create excitement for your audience. With attributes such as RSS feeds, advertisement space, event listings, image and video files, headers, and clock, date and time features, your digital signage system will never experience a dull moment. Plus, our digital signage software, VIZIA, makes changing content easy.  So, you’re never stuck with one single design for your digital display.

Feeling festive? Make a statement with your digital signage system and celebrate the changing of the seasons or acknowledge upcoming holidays, FREE of charge, with seasonal and holiday templates created by JANUS. As part of your standard content package, JANUS will provide you with a variety of FREE holiday and seasonal slides, enabling you to get your visitors into the holiday spirit!

At JANUS, we supply you with templates that create a feel good environment, while also providing effective communication to visitors. You have the ability to change your design as often, or as little, as you’d like. With several hundred templates to choose from, your audience will never grow tired of your digital signage network. You are only limited by your imagination!

VIZIA Digital Signage Software

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Custom Digital Signage Content Services

Take content development to a whole new level with a custom content package from JANUS Displays. Our digital signage designers and multimedia experts will work with you to create a vision that will blow your audience away. As part of the custom content package, you will receive all of the benefits of a standard content package, plus so much more! As if hundreds of templates and slides, including seasonal and holiday options, and exciting features weren’t enough, JANUS will also provide you with several tailor-made templates to set your company apart.

At JANUS Displays, we offer options that include uniquely designed layouts, tempting advertisements, effective wayfinding solutions and exciting video animations that are created specifically for, and exclusive to, your company.

Unique Layouts

Work with our creative team to develop layouts that include your brand colors, logos, fonts and themes. Do you have a theme that you’d like to showcase to your audience that clearly defines your company? Share the basis for it with us and we’ll provide the creative elements to develop a layout that is fun, informative and unique. Gain respect with digital signage that is 100% customized for the sole use of your company.

Tempting Advertisements

Turn your digital signage network into a revenue-generating tool by utilizing flash advertisements. We can create ads that showcase in-house dining options or on-site amenities, such as spa services, to visitors.

Effective Wayfinding

Beneficial to all industries, our wayfinding tools help visitors quickly navigate throughout your facility, while decreasing stress levels and saving valuable employee time. We offer static, dynamic and interactive mapping systems that are fun, eye-catching and helpful to visitors. Provide us with a rough draft of your company’s blueprints and we’ll develop a custom dimensional map that is guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction.

Video Animations

Capture audiences with enticing videos, or educate them with informative videos. Whatever the need, we can create and develop video animations that are guaranteed to turn heads and keep visitors informed. Work with our seasoned multimedia experts to find a solution that fulfills and exceeds your every expectation.

With JANUS, the possibilities are endless for your digital signage network.  Contact a member of our sales team today to learn more about the products, services and content packages that we provide, and let us create a digital display system that is sure to produce positive results for your company!

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Content Services

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